Friday, 17 December 2010

A quick post for now... but will have pretty paintings to share with you soon!!
Here is a link and a sneak peak at "Rio". I worked as an Environmental Designer on the film, back in 2007 at Blue Sky Studios, when it was originally pitched! It is very exciting to see it nearly finished!! Congratulations to Carlos and all the team!!

Sorry I have not been around much lately... Have been very busy. I have recently come back from a last minute trip to LA, where I worked at CTNx. I shared a booth with a great friend of mine (and incredible artist), Craig Elliott. Had a fantastic time and met so many wonderful artists and new friends. I have loads I want to share with every one who reads my blog, but am snowed under (quite literally, as the UK is littered in the white stuff at the mo) with work. Iv got a few commissions I'm currently trying to get finished in time for Christmas as well as all the usual family visiting, wrapping pressies and festive tings you do this time of the year. I've also got some very exciting news to tell... but you will all have to wait and see for now... (I don't want to jinx my luck).

Here are just a couple of snaps from my many recent adventures...
This pic is Craig Elliott and i at Ken Dunken's Studio when he invited us over for a visit! He's a great guy with an awesome studio and team!! Thanks Ken!! We had a Blast!!
This shot is pretty clear to any one, who like me, have had a dream of one day working here. Craig has worked for Disney Feature Animation for many many years, and kindly had me invited to the studio to see whats going on beyond those magic gates!! We also got to watch an advanced screening of "Tangeled" at Feature Animation, along side many of the amazing artists and directors who worked on the show!! I never wanted to leave!!

These few snaps are from a short break in Paris at Glen Keane's exhibition at Galerie Arludik as well as Craig Elliott's an David Colman's exhibition too!
You can also read a great review of Glen's exhibition on Antoine Clarisse's website "The Art of Disney Animation".

I have soo much more to share, but must get back to work!! Just wanted to prove I am still alive and touch base with you guys out there in blogger's land!!

I must say a massive Thank you to every one who gets in contact and visits my blog. Also, especially for all the new friends i made at CTNx. It was a pleasure to meet you all and I feel so honored you aspire to me! I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present!! Thank you!! As soon as I get chance I will be in touch with all of you who have emailed me and I have not yet replied to!! Please forgive me... im a very busy bunny!!!

If I dont get the chance to post before hand, just want to wish every one a very merry Christmas and all the best for an awesome 2011!! See you in the new year (with lots of exciting new artwork!!) !!

Lots of love, Turkey (Nut Roast for the Veggies) Christmas Puddings, Crackers and Mince Pies!!!


Thursday, 28 October 2010

"Paris- Part 2"

Finished!!! This Layout has taken me much longer than I ever anticipated. It started of as fairly simple layout, inspired by the wonderful and quirky buildings in Paris. I then started adding in little bits of detail, which then grew into more and more until I couldn't stop adding in every single window pane, brick, flower basket and chimney pot. Its been a beast to complete, but I'm happy i can now call it a day.

Below is a simple sketch, taken straight from my mole skin, which i am NOT going to go back into.... well, for now maybe ;)
It's been fun and guess what... I'm back in Paris right now, as i make this post... So you never know... looks like there will be more to come!!! Watch this space!!! :)

Lastly, Thanks again to every one for all their comments and support!! You all help encourage me to keep the scribbles coming!!
Thanks a million!! :D
Tori Cat.xx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

"Paris- Part 1"

I have recently been on a few romantic weekend breaks to Paris over the last few months, visiting the other half who is currently working out there. I love every thing about Paris, but most of all is it's artistic culture. It is a beautiful city and so inspiring to draw. I have a few more sketches to come, as I'm currently finishing off a couple of inspirational drawings of the city and it's environment. But, for now I wanted to get the ball rolling, so here is my first 'Paris Post'.
It is the view from the apartment window. I loved the contrast from the bright city lights below to the dark moonlit sky.
I originally took a photo (TOP RIGHT) on my phone, but it never gave the sight and colours justice, so thats why i decided to play the hand of God and pick the colours myself. Ok, so the picture ended up being more of my imagination towards the end, but in my head, thats how i remember it. (TOP LEFT). Below is a close up section of my painting.
Keep a look out, i'll get "Paris - Part 2" up as soon as all the details and trimmings are finished. :)

Thanks again to all the bloggers out there who follow my blog and keep on coming back!! You guys ROCK!!!
All support and comments are always appreciated!
Will be back soon!!
Bye for now,

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dog on the Blog...

Just a little bit of fun, in homage of my late best friend.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Banjos Back!!!

So, with a bit of time on my hands, it's given me the chance to catch up with some on going, personal, side projects.... Which this means... out comes "Banjo Raccoon". If you are a regular reader of this ol' blog, you will have noticed Banjo's character development through out the last two years of my blog. WOW, looking back, his design has changed a fair bit!

In between other scribbling projects, I am starting to animate this wee lil critter. Sadly, I have never had the chance to fully commit to the scene, due to other more important, workry type stuff that has been main priority. Keep your eyes peeled tho, as I will have a snippet of complete 'Banjo Raccoonage' animation, coming soon. :)

Any way, as for this post, I am trying to develop a visual style for Banjo. He is a 2D animated character, and I am playing with styles/concepts for how his design visually comes across, and what is most readable for animation purposes.
The 2nd design would be near on impossible to animate in 2D with all the individual hairs.... Im not so sure about this design in general really, but i though I would throw it up here to see what people think.....So what do you think? Be honest! Im a tough cookie!! ;)

I am pretty happy (for the moment) with Banjo's character design, but am interested to hear what you, the wonderful people out there in the blogging world have to say about him. All critiques are very much welcome!! just drop us a line!!
Cheers guys!! Catch ya real soon,

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pencils, Paints, Paper.... and NO Pixels!!

With a bit of time to myself for a change, i have decided to go back to more traditional methods of painting.
Its always so refreshing to get your hands messy... but a little daunting at times after using photoshop for so long.
These are just a few practice illustrations for a book commission i am working on.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sketch Book Scribbles...

Just a few observational scribbles from my latest sketch book.
Mostly observations made from my latest trip to Paris, Luxembourg Quarter.

Friday, 25 June 2010

"Sock like Qualities...."

Ok, this will probably leave you asking many questions..... that is the point.
It is based on a conversation i had with my tutor during my final year at University.

Basically.... When i asked my tutor "Peter Parr" for his opinion on my first digital painting, he told me the painiting looked "Flat and trapped behind glass". I didnt quite understand..... i'd put my shaddows in there and the lighting was right????

He used an example to describe digital painting to me. He said the painting had no texture and lacked the traditional painting qualities.... He said it reminded him of someone with a pair of tights over their head, where all of their features had been squashed and merged behind the material.

Pete had always favored the idea of me as a traditional artist, but due to time etc of the modern way of working, i have had to pick up digital painting as a much needed prop of the concept artist's tool box.

I have remembered this conversation ever since, and now, when ever i paint, i always try to give a picture texture or some kind of ''Sock'' like quality.

Monday, 31 May 2010

Blue Sky - RIO

Here is the trailer for "Rio". I worked on this film at Blue Sky Studios, New York, back in 2007, as an Environmental Designer, when the film was originally being pitched.
Hopefully, in some time to come i will be aloud to share some of the original concept art and designs i created for the film.

For you guys who know me, or follow my blog, you will be aware that my graduation film was set in Rio, and so i have spent many a hour drawing shacks and studying the environment. If you want to see my grad film and artwork etc check out "Favelados".

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Illusionist - Official Website

Check out the official, new website for Sylvain Chomet's, hugely anticipated, 2D feature, "The Illusionist". There is plenty of animation, stills and information for you to drool over..

I lived in Scotland for just over 2 years, during the film's production. I worked on The Illusionist for year, and was forever blown away by the style, immaculate attention to detail and of course, some of the best 2D animation i have ever seen.

Well done to every one who worked their socks off, to make "The Illusionist" such a beautiful and wonderful film.
Make sure to go check out this wonderful creation from June 16th 2010.

Friday, 7 May 2010

"Drawing Inspiration"

These few images are visual development, pieces i have made for a short flash animated film, currently in production at Partizan, called "Drawing Inspiration".
The film is being made in Soho, London and should be finished in the next few months. Keep an eye out for it.
You will notice, the styles are pretty different to my usual way of working, which were really fun to make. I was able to step away from the computer for a change and dive into my "REAL" paint box and splash out using traditional watercolours.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Brush Pen 'Chat Henwii'

A collection of brush pen, observational drawings of a friend's pet cat i did whilst staying at their place last month.
I havent had much time to post this year, as i have been so super busy at work, and in life too.

Currently I'm back at Uli Meyers, Story Boarding and designing, Visual Development pieces for Domestos. As always, its great fun at Uli's. I really enjoy the work, the people there are fab, and as always, I have a blast! Thanks for always having me back Uli!

I'll be going back into hospital very soon for more treatment on my jaw, so it could be a few weeks before I post again, but stay 'tooned'... got lots to post ASAP.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Illusionist

Watch the new trailer for "The Illusionist".... Including some of the shots which i worked on!!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

"The Illusionist" is Finally Here!!

Sylvain Chomet's new 2D feature "The Illusionist" is finally finished. I worked on the film up in Scotland as a Digital artist for a year. Follow this LINK to see finished shots from the film (Some of which i worked on) and Sylvain talking about the project.
It's a beautiful film with some of the best animation I have ever seen in my life. Lets hope, 2010 is going to be the year that brings hand drawn animation back to life....

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

King of the Jungle

FINALLY FINISHED!!!! I have been illustrating a book for "The Lion Man - Big Cat Trust", in aid of raising money to help the protection of Big Cats.
The final image is a portrait of a lion named "Sampson". Sadly he has died now, so this is a little tribute to him to add to the collection of others. 
Sampson belonged to a pride of lions called the "Wild Pride". You may notice the slightly wonkey eyes and battle scars... if this old boy could talk, I'm sure he would have hundreds of stories to tell.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book or individual prints of my illustrations, which are all in aid of the charity, please feel free to contact me.
All art work Copyright Tori Davis 2010

This is the book cover. If you are interested in the book or would like to order a copy, (with all proceeds going to the Big Cat Trust), please, just drop me an email and i'll get it sorted out for you.
Thanks again for every one's support.
All the best, as always,
Tori Cat.x

Friday, 29 January 2010

2010 - Year of the Tiger! Grrrrrr!!

"Abu" The White Tiger

The Cats get Animated.....

A couple more illustrations for "The Lion Man" charity.
Prints available for sale.
Please contact me if you are interested. All money will go to support the big cats in aid of The Lion Man Trust.
Copyright Tori Davis 2010