Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Banjos Back!!!

So, with a bit of time on my hands, it's given me the chance to catch up with some on going, personal, side projects.... Which this means... out comes "Banjo Raccoon". If you are a regular reader of this ol' blog, you will have noticed Banjo's character development through out the last two years of my blog. WOW, looking back, his design has changed a fair bit!

In between other scribbling projects, I am starting to animate this wee lil critter. Sadly, I have never had the chance to fully commit to the scene, due to other more important, workry type stuff that has been main priority. Keep your eyes peeled tho, as I will have a snippet of complete 'Banjo Raccoonage' animation, coming soon. :)

Any way, as for this post, I am trying to develop a visual style for Banjo. He is a 2D animated character, and I am playing with styles/concepts for how his design visually comes across, and what is most readable for animation purposes.
The 2nd design would be near on impossible to animate in 2D with all the individual hairs.... Im not so sure about this design in general really, but i though I would throw it up here to see what people think.....So what do you think? Be honest! Im a tough cookie!! ;)

I am pretty happy (for the moment) with Banjo's character design, but am interested to hear what you, the wonderful people out there in the blogging world have to say about him. All critiques are very much welcome!! just drop us a line!!
Cheers guys!! Catch ya real soon,


Andy R Macpherson said...

He looks really cool, but I think the cleaned-up version [top] has lost some of the magic that the hairy version [middle] displays...
So how about trying a version where the mid-tone colours remain flat (like the top version), while some hair-detail (similar to the middle version) remains in only the shadows and/or highlights?

Paulo Ignez said...

I knew his work recently and I think you're a really talented artist.
Congratulations, not because you have talent, because I do not think anyone can win on talent but develop it.

L ROSSI said...

Top one!!! I'm keeping my eyes peeled until I see some raccoonage!

Badger said...


David Colman said...

Tori thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. Sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope youre recovering well. I will actually be having an exhibition with Craig Elliot at Galerie Maghen in Paris in November(the opening is Nov 5th) and I WILL be there. I hope you and your friends(along with Uli) can make it!

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

tori! thanks for your compliments. I would really appreciate a link.. i will add you as well. I love your environments that have that cluttery, shanty town feel to them. awesome stuff.. im still looking through your portfolio. Would love to hear feedback..thanks for the encouragement!

luke said...

oy oy saveloy, it's me again.
On the feedback front... he's tiptop. I've been trying to get a character of my own to 'read', 'pop', whatever you might call it... I know it sounds daft, but I 'squint' at a design tighter and tighter and see where the uniqueness 'disappears'... I'm sure people have written phds on the theory etc, but Pete Docter (as I'm sure you know) bases all his characters on a simple geometric shape, or line. Maybe pick a shape, and force evertyhing into it? The squint at a static design is almost a shortcut to what will likely disappear (or be less important) when it moves? I dunno. Of course you could take it so far that everything looks like Rothko. Meh.