Thursday, 10 November 2011

Its Nearly Here....

So, its been a labour of love, but its finally now on its way... Its out of my hands now. My first book "Scribble-Tor", went off to the printers yesterday, and will go on sale next week, hot off the press for the first time at CTN expo in Burbank, California. Its limited edition, so will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. There is only 1000 copies, each individually numbered and hand signed, and if you ask me nicely, you might even get an original 'Tori Cat scribble' in there too :)
To begin with, the book will only be available at the CTN, making it exclusive to the expo. After the show has finished the book will then be available to buy via my blog. I will keep you posted on how and when you can purchase online. I hope you enjoy it. Its the first time i have ever done any thing like this. It been because of the amount of people who have asked me "Have you got an art book out", that i finally took the plunge!! All feed back is very much welcome. Thanks for all of you who have shown interest in it, i and i just hope i haven't let you down. :)

And for the first time at CTN, I will also be releasing my newest creation, "JesTor". A collaborative range of hand made jewellery. Its already selling like hot cakes, and its becoming very popular, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Again, it will be sold on a first come, first serve basis, and I will only have limited numbers of each piece with me, so you need to be quick....but, i will be taking orders. :)
Here is a little snippet below of the kind of things 'JesTor' has to offer....

I will also be selling prints of my art work, as well as magnets and doing commissions. I am really looking forward to the show, and cant wait to see old friends and meet lots of new ones too :)
Check out the CTN expo website to get all the info you need on the show. This link will take you to my page on CTN website.

I'll try and make a quick post before i jet off to LA next week, but if i dont get round to it, Thanks for all the support guys and look forward to seeing you at the show! :)
Wish me luck at the airport.... its the first time iv travelled with my new 'Adamantium' Jaw... Should be fun trying to get thru the airport scanners. hee hee!!

Bye for now!
All the best and of course, lots of love,