Wednesday, 27 April 2011

"Rio" Visual Development (Part 2)

A wee bit more of some of my Visual Development work for "Rio" which i did for Blue Sky Studios back in 2007, and watch out as i have lots more to come soon!! (There is just so much work to go thru and post, its taking a loooong time to organize it all!)
I must say a huuuuge Thanks to every one who has dropped by and got in touch with me. It is a great honor! All comments are always really appreciated and very encouraging, so thank you so much. I will make sure i get back to every one who has been in contact as soon as i get some free time....
Hope you enjoy seeing these concepts, as much as i enjoyed creating them!! :D

Bye for now, and thanks again, as always for all the support! You Rock!!!


P.S- Just to note, All the art work you see here is completely 100% my own work and is TM and Copyright Blue Sky Studios. All rights reserved. Sale, duplication, transfer of this material or elements therein is strictly prohibited. Thank you.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

"Rio" Visual Development (Part 1)

As Blue Sky's "Rio" has now been released i am aloud to share some of the visual development i did for the film back in 2007.
I have loads to go through and will get round to posting lots more as soon as i have more time.
I wanted to share some of my artwork now, as i have been receiving lots of wonderful messages from people who have seen the film and wanted to congratulate me for my contribution to it.
Some of my you may know, that i co-directed a short film "Favelados" (which is also set in Rio) back in 2007. After completing Favelados, Carlos Saldanha (The director of Rio) hired me as an environmental designer to mainly focus on the visual style of the shanty town and market.

It was an amazing opportunity and fantastic experience working with Carlos and the rest of the team at Blue Sky.
I am very happy to see the film finally complete. It looks incredible and it was an honor to be a part of it.
I must say a massive thank you to Carlos for hiring me, and wanting to work with me and also thanks to all the amazingly talented artists at Blue Sky for their incredible hard work and their kind support.

I'll be posting some more of my work for Rio in the near future as well as my finished Edward Scissor Hands tribute piece for Gallery Nucleus and more!

Thanks again to every one who gets in touch and for all the fantastic support.
As always,

PS- TM and Copyright Blue Sky Studios. All rights reserved. Sale, duplication, transfer of this material or elements therein is strictly prohibited.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Scissorhands 20th Anniversary (PART 3)

So, i'm currently running a little behind schedule at the moment...
Here is my piece after 'Day 1' of painting. Sadly it hasn't gone according to plan, as i have found my ink lines tend to smudge when i add water to them and the paper isn't absorbing my paint as nicely as i had hoped. (I was sure i had tested the ink with water before i cleaned it up) Grrrrr!
So, because of this little unexpected hiccup, i have had to change my method of painting.
Usually i would paint the picture as a whole and build up all the fine details with layers upon layers... but as i am washing away my detailed line as i work... i am finding i am working my way across the picture, concentrating fully on just one section at a time.
I wouldn't advise usually painting this way, as you almost forget about the 'big picture' and can waste time 'faffing' on minor details like i have found myself doing so far.
My scanner sadly has not picked up the silver paint i have used for Edward's scissor hands and the nice grain in the paper. It has also seemed to bleach out a lot of the subtle tones. ;( Once it's finally complete, i'll try scanning it in at a higher resolution, in hope that the finer detail will shine :)
The top left hand corner is still far from complete, but i am going to start moving into the other sections now, otherwise i'll end up 'faffing' over eyebrows and tiny lines, no one can even see. I'll go back to the finer details later.
Hopefully, i'll be a bit happier with it after after 'Day 2' of painting ;)

Ok, So its back to the drawing board for me! See you soon!!
As always thanks again to every one who drops by. Your time and support is always really appreciated.


Monday, 4 April 2011

Scissorhands 20th Anniversary (PART 2)

I have now finished drawing up and inking in all the detailed line work. Next step... Painting time!!
I am running very close to the deadline for the show's submission date, so i must get straight back to work!!!
I will be posting the finished and framed piece at the end of the week... As long as i finish in time!!! :P
As always, thanks for all the support,

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Scissorhands 20th Anniversary (PART 1)

I am currently working on my piece for the up-coming exhibition at Gallery Nucleus celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Edward Scissorands.
I must have my piece finished in the next few days, so it can be shipped off to the gallery in time for the show. At the exact minute, i am waiting for the ink to dry on my piece so far, so i thought i'd use this free time i have, to share with you, my step by step progress of how my piece is coming along. From the first thumbnail to the final framed image.
I'm just past the half way mark, so make sure you check back real soon to see the finished piece for the show.

This piece below is the final Digital thumbnail that i have worked into and loosely rendered up. This is in preparation for the traditional piece, i am now currently drawing up with pencil and ink. Once the line work is done i'll get that up ASAP, along with the next stages, as they follow....

The two images below are the initial thumbnails i designed in creating my piece. For the beginning stages, i have worked digitally as i find it much easier and quicker to edit and rework my design. I started with the 1st image down and then worked into it a bit more further down. I actually then posted the second image on my blog for a short while to get some constructive feedback. Then, taking note from the comments i received, i then re-worked the second design and produced the more advanced image above. Thank you so much to every one who left me a comment and helped advise me as to where i could possibly take my painting next.

If you are interested in seeing some other contributing pieces for the show, from great artists from all around the world, check out: Scissorhands 20th
Thanks again to every one who drops by and for the such great support you all give!! Like always, You ROCK!!!
See ya real soon,