Thursday, 10 November 2011

Its Nearly Here....

So, its been a labour of love, but its finally now on its way... Its out of my hands now. My first book "Scribble-Tor", went off to the printers yesterday, and will go on sale next week, hot off the press for the first time at CTN expo in Burbank, California. Its limited edition, so will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. There is only 1000 copies, each individually numbered and hand signed, and if you ask me nicely, you might even get an original 'Tori Cat scribble' in there too :)
To begin with, the book will only be available at the CTN, making it exclusive to the expo. After the show has finished the book will then be available to buy via my blog. I will keep you posted on how and when you can purchase online. I hope you enjoy it. Its the first time i have ever done any thing like this. It been because of the amount of people who have asked me "Have you got an art book out", that i finally took the plunge!! All feed back is very much welcome. Thanks for all of you who have shown interest in it, i and i just hope i haven't let you down. :)

And for the first time at CTN, I will also be releasing my newest creation, "JesTor". A collaborative range of hand made jewellery. Its already selling like hot cakes, and its becoming very popular, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Again, it will be sold on a first come, first serve basis, and I will only have limited numbers of each piece with me, so you need to be quick....but, i will be taking orders. :)
Here is a little snippet below of the kind of things 'JesTor' has to offer....

I will also be selling prints of my art work, as well as magnets and doing commissions. I am really looking forward to the show, and cant wait to see old friends and meet lots of new ones too :)
Check out the CTN expo website to get all the info you need on the show. This link will take you to my page on CTN website.

I'll try and make a quick post before i jet off to LA next week, but if i dont get round to it, Thanks for all the support guys and look forward to seeing you at the show! :)
Wish me luck at the airport.... its the first time iv travelled with my new 'Adamantium' Jaw... Should be fun trying to get thru the airport scanners. hee hee!!

Bye for now!
All the best and of course, lots of love,


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Birthday Bear in his Chair

"Happy Birthday Pooh Bear"

A quick doodle to wish him a very special day among the stars.

I would have loved to clean this scribble up, adding all the detailed clutter around him, but i'm currently racing against the clock to get lots of jobs done before CTNx in just a few weeks time. I have posted this scribbled version now, as i wanted to send this message on the actual day and, where ever he may be, i like to believe that he still regularly reads my blog and will see it. :)
(To any one reading this, wondering who is "Pooh Bear" check out my older post)

Thanks to all of you who have been in touch. Please forgive me to every one i have not replied yet.
I'm so busy finishing off my book, working on commissions.... and still in a lot of pain, recovering from my recent surgery.... there just isn't enough hours in a day!
I really appreciate all the love and support and cant thank you all enough. I will get back to you all ASAP.

Here's a side note: To all of you local to the midlands area, "Flip International Animation Festival" is taking place in Wolverhampton this week from Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th October.
I will be among a guest panel of industry professionals leading a discussion on 2D animation. 
I will also be exhibiting some of my work at the show and will be doing commissions too, so if your free or local to the area, please drop by! It would be great to see you!

Ok folks, time to go. I'll try to post again before i head off to CTNx, but just incase i don't
Please if your gunna be at the show, come say 'hi'! :D

Peace, Love and God Bless,

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Mis-Mash, Monster Mash (Part Two)

Hey you guys!

My scanner is working again!! YAYIE! So, i thought i better get the other half of the last post scanned in and blogged for your viewing pleasure. :)
So, here we go...

The life drawings are all drawn in charcoal and are 30-40 minute poses.
    As i can not get out as much as i would like, due to my recovery, i have referenced a model from I kept strictly to the time limit and treated it just like a real life class.... It's a good substitute when your too poorly to get out the house, but want to keep up with you anatomy studies! :)

The next 3 images are from my sketch book. There is a sheepdog (Or as i call them "Sasha" dog's, after my own pet sheepdog). Drawn lightly with pencil then inked in with a nib and ink washes. I doodled this from the top of my head, just for fun. Iv used Photoshop to add a block of tone behind the dog, to make the image stand out a bit more.
Next is the last bunny who sadly didn't get scanned in from the last post. Drawn from life at the pet shop in pen, pencil and Pro -Marker.
The last image was drawn with a nib and ink with watered down brush washes at Disney land in California. It's the ride "Tower of Terror" (The writing on the building is supposed to be wonky) ;)
I drew this in the Californian sunshine, whilst in line for the ride.

OK, this is all i am going to share for now. I have more to show, but am saving them for my new book (which i'm currently putting together). To see them, i'm afraid you will have to wait until my book comes out in November. It will go on sale for the first time at CTNx. After the show it will be available to buy here on my blog. I will have more details closer to the time. Thank you so much for every one who has shown interest in it. I am very excited about its potential and really hope it will go down well with all you guys out there in the real world :)

I must also say a huuuuuge thank you to every one who has been in touch in regards to my jaw and recovery. Its really uplifting to see how many of you care and is very encouraging in helping me get back to work. Thank you!! I am so incredibly grateful to all of you and really appreciate all your thoughts, prayers and lots of love.
As for my recovery, its very painful and slow, and i must admit, it can be really tough to keep focused on my artwork whilst in so much pain.... but like i have said before, i'm a tough cookie and it will take a lot more than a broken jaw to make me crumble! Mu ha ha haaaa!! :P
On a serous note tho, I will be going back to hospital this week for more treatment, so fingers crossed this will help with the pain.

I am so happy for all of the support you guys give me. Getting stuck into my art helps take the focus off the pain im in. I love what i do and get so much enjoyment out of it, and its a really wonderful feeling to be able to share what i do with others and get so much positive feedback back. :D
Iv got a few other tricks up my sleeve which i will be sharing with you in the near future. Once my book is all complete, i'll reveal more.... So, watch this space :P

Alrighty, time for me to bust a groove, so i will love you all and leave you for now.
Like always, a massive thank you to all of you for the support.
Your love keeps my little blog alive. :')
I'll be back soon,
Bye for now and God Bless,


Friday, 16 September 2011

Mis-Mash (Part One)

Hi Folks! Its been a while since my last post. Had a very hectic and rough few months... Iv been working in LA, Exhibited at 'San Diego, Comic Con', Had major surgery on my face, Faced 'another' family death, Started composing my first "SketchBook" (Limited 1st edition, to be released at CTNx in November 2011) and much more....
In-between all of this, i have tried to squeeze in a bit of drawing.... :)
So, as its been such a long time since i last posted, i though its about time i update you all... Sadly Its a random "MISH MASH" for now, as my scanner packed up, just as i got started with my scanning... So just a couple of sketch book scribbles and a life drawing is all your going to get for now...Sorry!!  :(

A few sketch book pics of some bunnies at the pet shop. I was sat in the shop for over an hour watching my fluffy friends... Bunnies are fun!!  :)
(more to come!!)

As my scanner packed in, after only getting to scan one life drawing, i decided to go into the one i did have and chuck some tone on it digitally.
(more to come!!)
EDIT: Looking into the digital tone piece, i think i may have really over worked the rib cage. I may go back into it and make her less "Ribby".... or i might just leave it and keep on Moving Forward!!?  :D
I only decided to go into the line work when my scanner packed in, and i fancied doing some "colouring in" to ease my frustration. :P hee hee

For all you attending this years CTNx in November, i have a booth!! If your going to be there, please swing by and say 'hey!!' Would love to see you!

 OK, for all of you quite sensitive, look away NOW.... 

Here are a few snaps of the results after my big opp! These are a few, "Less Gory" pics, a few days after the surgery, when i'm starting to look a little more 'human', but a little more 'swollen/poofy cheeked'.
(For all of you who don't know, 4 weeks and 400 stitches ago, i had my 6th operation in the last 3years on my jaw... This time i had a full "Jaw Replacement". Now, rocking a Titanium Jaw! :)  Hopefully, this will be my last operation!! Fingers crossed!
Still in alot of pain, as its gunna be a long recovery, but good news is, i'm healing well and i will not let a "Mere Scratch" get in my way!! Nothing will come between me and my pencil! :P

1. (RIGHT SIDE) 4 Days after surgery.
2. (LEFT SIDE) 4 Days after surgery.
3. (LEFT SIDE) 6 Days after surgery. Drains taken out and patched up

 OK Folks!! Thats all for now! For all of you who have kindly been in touch with me and had no reply,You can now see, just how busy i have been. Im still in the early stages of my recovery and have good and bad days, BUT I will be in touch with all of you who have contacted me, as and when i can!! :D Like always, Thank you all so much for all the love and support you have all shared with me. Especially for all the kind messages i got in regards to my last post. Pooh Bear would be very proud and i am too!!
Thank you all!!  :')

Take care guys, I'll be back soon!
Love and God Bless!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Tribute to a Sleeping Bear...

Just a few days into my recent trip to LA, i was struck with the tragic news that my Grandfather had passed away.
I was VERY close with 'Grandad' and was deeply saddened to hear this news. I came back home to England as soon as i could, so i could be with my family and be there to read at Grandad's funeral.

My Grandad was known as "The Bear" and any one who ever met him would know why. He had great big loving paws, and gave HUGE Bear hugs. He was an ex-police man, standing way over 6ft tall and had a huge appetite. Pork pies being one of his favorite 'Bear Snacks'!!
He was so special to me and a huge part of my life. I will never forget the computer classes he took, just so he could learn how to write me emails and keep up to date with my latest art work on my blog... This is why i am making this post.... So he can continue reading my stories up in Heaven and know just how much he is already missed.
He was so loving and kind and helped support me in every possible way. His dream was to see me succeed in life and with my animation career... in which I plan to continue making him proud in every way.
I know he is never far away and is always watching over me. He is very much alive in all our hearts. His body has just done what all bears do and has gone into hibernation.

I will be going back to LA in the morning to continue with my work, and pick up from where i left so suddenly just a few weeks ago.... But my main reason for heading back, is so i can continue making my Grandad proud.

Sleep well 'Old Bear'. Love you for eternity. God Bless you always.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bon Voyage!! L.A, Watch Out, Tori Cat is about!!

This is a bit of a jumbled post as, im trying to tie off a few loose ends before i jet off to the USA... in aprox 6hrs time!!
So, here we go...
Obsevational Meerkats at a zoo in Bude. Drawn in Marker on Water Colour Paper & Digital Gray Tone.
Obsevational Meerkats at a zoo in Bude. Drawn in Marker on Water Colour Paper & Digital Gray Tone.

                                        Fine Liner & Pro Marker- Sywell Country Park 30mins

               Observational sketches at the beach in Bude. Drawn in Marker & Digital tone

                               Observational sketches at the beach in Bude. Drawn in Marker.

These two pieces above are development pieces for RIO. The Line drawing is just the "Layout" (minus my character designs) for one of the visual development pieces i posted earlier. It is all completely my original work, concept and design... The coloured version is by the incredible Sergio Pablos.
Sergio Designed the Characters for Rio and helpled create the look and design of the film.
His colour ans lighting is incredible and he wipes the floor with my characters!! He is a very inspiring artist and it is a complete honor and a real credit for him to work with my concepts.... and the fact he kept my layout EXACTLY as i had drawn it made me very happy :)
This next series of images shows my process, as to how i would develop one of my concept pieces on Rio.

This is all completely my work, from rough thumbnails and character designs to the final line and marker pen finish.
Ok, Posting is taking a lot longer than i had anticipated, and i've got a flight to catch.... so i'll have to cut it short for now.... Hopefully iv left you all with a few new scribbles to keep you busy for now.
I'll continue to post whilst im in LA and keep you all up to date with my latest doodles etc.
Thanks again, like always to every one who gets in touch and for all your incredible support!!
Take care, God Bless and see you real soon!!
Tori Cat.xx

Monday, 9 May 2011

Observational Animal Scribbling...

                                                      Brush Pen and Digital Colour

                                                        Brush Pen and Digital Colour

                                                        Fine Liner and Pro Marker

                                                        Fine Liner and Pro Marker

                                                         Fine Liner and Pro Marker

                                                                      Brown Pencil

                                                                      Brown Pencil

                                                          Fine Liner and Pro Marker

Im very busy at the mo, getting ready for LA and with work etc, so i haven't had as much time as i would like to get on with some of my own personal scribbling...
But to keep my blog alive and kicking, Here is a handful of recent drawings from my dusty sketch book. They are scribbles from a zoo/petting farm i visited recently.
Before i head to the West, i'll make sure to get my blog up to date, with lots more Rio vis dev and a few little goodies i'm currently working on.
As always thanks to every one who stops by and gets in touch!! Your support is what keeps this dusty old blog alive!!

EDIT: There seems to have been a tech fault with blogger recently, and i have had several comments which have not come thru properly. I can see i have a comment, but it wont let me read it or appear on my blog, so if you are one of those who left me a wee note, please try again, i would love to hear from you and what you have to say.
Thanks again to every one who drops by!! Your support and commitment to my blog is very encouraging and i hope to keep you all inspired!
Many thanks-TCAT.x

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

"Rio" Visual Development (Part 2)

A wee bit more of some of my Visual Development work for "Rio" which i did for Blue Sky Studios back in 2007, and watch out as i have lots more to come soon!! (There is just so much work to go thru and post, its taking a loooong time to organize it all!)
I must say a huuuuge Thanks to every one who has dropped by and got in touch with me. It is a great honor! All comments are always really appreciated and very encouraging, so thank you so much. I will make sure i get back to every one who has been in contact as soon as i get some free time....
Hope you enjoy seeing these concepts, as much as i enjoyed creating them!! :D

Bye for now, and thanks again, as always for all the support! You Rock!!!


P.S- Just to note, All the art work you see here is completely 100% my own work and is TM and Copyright Blue Sky Studios. All rights reserved. Sale, duplication, transfer of this material or elements therein is strictly prohibited. Thank you.