Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bon Voyage!! L.A, Watch Out, Tori Cat is about!!

This is a bit of a jumbled post as, im trying to tie off a few loose ends before i jet off to the USA... in aprox 6hrs time!!
So, here we go...
Obsevational Meerkats at a zoo in Bude. Drawn in Marker on Water Colour Paper & Digital Gray Tone.
Obsevational Meerkats at a zoo in Bude. Drawn in Marker on Water Colour Paper & Digital Gray Tone.

                                        Fine Liner & Pro Marker- Sywell Country Park 30mins

               Observational sketches at the beach in Bude. Drawn in Marker & Digital tone

                               Observational sketches at the beach in Bude. Drawn in Marker.

These two pieces above are development pieces for RIO. The Line drawing is just the "Layout" (minus my character designs) for one of the visual development pieces i posted earlier. It is all completely my original work, concept and design... The coloured version is by the incredible Sergio Pablos.
Sergio Designed the Characters for Rio and helpled create the look and design of the film.
His colour ans lighting is incredible and he wipes the floor with my characters!! He is a very inspiring artist and it is a complete honor and a real credit for him to work with my concepts.... and the fact he kept my layout EXACTLY as i had drawn it made me very happy :)
This next series of images shows my process, as to how i would develop one of my concept pieces on Rio.

This is all completely my work, from rough thumbnails and character designs to the final line and marker pen finish.
Ok, Posting is taking a lot longer than i had anticipated, and i've got a flight to catch.... so i'll have to cut it short for now.... Hopefully iv left you all with a few new scribbles to keep you busy for now.
I'll continue to post whilst im in LA and keep you all up to date with my latest doodles etc.
Thanks again, like always to every one who gets in touch and for all your incredible support!!
Take care, God Bless and see you real soon!!
Tori Cat.xx


L ROSSI said...

I really enjoyed looking at all your observational sketches from Bude - they're very impressive!
Even things like the layout/presentation of the meerkats is really nice and helps showcase the image.
Have a great time! :D

DSM said...

That's a big-ass post; 'hope you didn't miss your flight!
'should be nice in SoCal. Have fun!

Justin Rodrigues said...

Tori these are fantastic! Welcome to LA!

Ibrahim Khan said...

:D nice idea with this RIO piece, like the hanger idea. Good luck with the US as well :).

MJ said...

Your layouts are beautiful, Inspiring pieces good luck in LA!

libra bear said...

Nice work tori. i really liked the observational drawings, especially the beach drawings. Have a good time in LA, look after yourself out there.

lisa said...

I am a huge fan of your work. I really love your character design and background layouts. I am sure you've been asked this, but what's your feelings about 2d vs cgi? I love both, but my heart belongs to bugs bunny.

lisa said...

I'm a big fan of your character design and background layouts. Who is the biggest influence on you? Do you feel there is a glut of CG films? I love 3-D rendered movies but my heart belongs to Warner Bros. and Chuck Jones.

Mark Tompkins said...

Yo s'up Tori, so we are all in sunny California now if you can't get through to Abi you can reach me through my mobile, hopefully see you soon! Great sketches as always :) X

"TORI CAT" said...

Thanks for all the really uplifting comments boys and gals...

As always, huuuuuge fanks for all your help and support!! :D

* DSM-
Hee hee, thanks! Just about made my flight from london, but sadly DID miss my connecting flight from Chicargo to LA.... (But not because of this uber post. hee hee)

Thanks!!! The Cat has landed!!! :D

Cheers dude!!! Glad you like the Rio stuff... i had the the idea of the Blue Bird using a coat hanger as a zip line, as he can't fly. I thought it was pretty fun, and the directors seemed happy :)
Cheers for the good lucks! :D

Thank you so much, Im glad i can inspire you! :)

"TORI CAT" said...

Thanks Continued....

Dude, Thanks so much!! Iv really been trying to push and work on my observational stuff. Im super happy it gets your nod of approval! :)
I'll try not to fall over in LA, but it can't be promised!! ;)

WOW! Thank you so much for your kind words. It's realy nice to have a fan :) thanks!
As for the whole Pencil vs Pixel topic, i personally see the computer as purely, just another tool in the artist's tool box. I love the work that can be done i CG, and especially as technology is evolving, its amazing what it can do.... but like yourself, i am a traditional girl at heart! I grew up with Disney and Warner Bros and personally love the idea of bringing drawings to life. I am also a huge stop motion fan. just like with 2D animation, I love the idea of bringing art to life.... just in stop motion, it tends to be with a tactile object.... I love that!! :D
I loved working with Tim Burton and at Aardman where i could see my hand drawn designs made into real life puppets and sets which i could hold.... it was then even more exciting when i could see my sculpted designs, animated and brought to life!! :)
I hope that answers some of your question?
Thanks for your support :)

Hey neighbour!! Welcome to Hollywood!! Its so funny to think, we usually live just a few miles down the road from each other in the UK, but we go to the other side of the world to meet up!! :) hee hee
I dont have your mobile number, please can you txt me or email me it? Thanks!!
Cant wait to see you!! hope your having a fantastic trip!! See you soon!!! Big loves to you and Abi!!xxxx

tiffannysketchbook said...

oh my gosh Tori Cat, your work is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I'm following this blog.

graeme brandham, animator. said...

Heeey. Nice work. Im loving the beach sketches in Bude in particular. Very full of life. In the mean time, i cannot believe you got to work with Sergio Pablos . . . :o hes an absoloute hero of mine!! His animation on Treasure planet for example, was INCREDIBLE. So yer, say hi from me ;) and keep up the good work as well. Look forward to seeing more soon.

"TORI CAT" said...

Thank you very much. I always appreciate new followers. Thank you :)

Thanks for stopping by. Im glad you like my observational stuff. I tend to do like 100 sketches and am happy if i get a couple that i kinda like.
I think adding some tone n PS helped bring these more to life. Thanks!
As for Sergio, i think i maybe just as big a fan of him as you. The character and life he puts into his creations is simply INCREDIBLE!!!
Was certainly an honour to have him use my work! :)

lostinarc said...

Very Nice movie and enjoyed art..these lay-outs are amazing....great job

Shoki said...

Huge fan of the Rio backgrounds <3

Dana said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the kind words on my blog.
Also, you're work is SO GREAT. xD Oh man, especially the work you've done for Rio.
Thanks again!

Aaron Ludwig said...

Very inspiring work!
Thanks so much for the blog visit (and kind comment).

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Your field sketches are lovely and I really enjoyed seeing your layout process! Really nice work!

Santiago Montiel said...

I've discovered your blog today, you have a really good pencil, don't you! Awesome layouts and greats characters! I'm adding it into my favorites!

Santiago Montiel said...

I've discovered your blog today, you have a really good pencil, don't you! Awesome layouts and greats characters! I'm adding it into my favorites!

Cameron Thompson said...

Hi Tori
I was recently introduced to your work at the Comic-Con at Craig Elliott's booth. Keep up the gorgeous work! Ill be keeping an eye out for your new stuff!

Gerald de Dios said...

I really love the development pieces you worked on for Rio. Great film :)
You have such wonderful art on your blog! I can spend hours (drooling) at your paintings and sketches... and great stories. I will surely come back for more!!!

G1toons said...

amazing work and blog

amauryons said...

I like your work. Characters, designs and colors are just perfect.

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qstom said...

Hi there

I noticed that you credited Sergio Pablos for the colour on the image "Slums Colour Revised" but its clearly rendered by Carlos Nieto as it says on the bottom left.
Maybe you should correct this as its false and misleading.
Cool blog though.

Brant Moon said...

Wow! Lovely work.