Thursday, 30 August 2012

Broken Sword... Continued...

Whoa!!! 2 posts in one week!! The Cat REALLY is back this time ;) Told you i wouldn't disappoint ;)
Anyways, here is a little update on the kick-starter so far. We couldn't be more thrilled with the response we have been getting in regards to our Kick-starter campaign, and just one week in, we have received over 3/4 of our target amount!!! THANKYOU SOOOOO MUCH BROKEN SWORD FANS!!!!
It is incredible to see how much love their is out there for George and Nico and the dedication of the fans is something else. We have been really touched by all the fan mail that has been coming in, and just hope that with every one's continued support, we can make this game happen, and make this the best Broken Sword game yet. I want to use this opportunity to thank our "Super Fan" for their dedicated support and for their creation of the Broken Sword Fan Blog. Great work, and thank you for your support :)
To wet your appetite, Here at Revolution, we thought we would share another little sneak peak at some of the "behind the scenes" art work with you. Its only a little glimpse for now, and i must note that this is ALL in a "Work In Progress" stage and will likely be enhanced a lot more before the final version of the game is complete.
The following art work is credited for each artist at the different individual stages they worked on it.
A big part of creating games and animation is being able to work as a team. We really value working closely together as a network of artists from all different backgrounds, specialising in different areas of production, in order to help create and achieve the best artistic results.

These four images, show part of the processes involved in creating an environment for the new Broken Sword game...

The next series of images are work in progress examples of the latest version of the cover art. (Note- this is not the final version of the cover art)...

Ok, this is all i can share with you for now, but make sure to keep your ear to the ground, as i will be back soon. I will have another Broken Sword update, and also a personal update with the latest ongoings from Tori Cat and her continuing traveling sketch book.

Like Always, Thank you so much for all the wonderful support, not just to all the  Broken Sword Fans, but for the forever growing support i keep receiving from all you faithful followers who keep an interest in my personal work. I really appreciate all the compliments and encouragement and can not thank you enough. Just please forgive me for not getting in touch. There just isn't enough hours in a day. Does any one remember watching Bernards Watch- sometimes i think how great life would be if i could get hold of that watch!! (For any of you younger lot who are thinking "what the frick is "Bernards Watch"- Think "Hermione's Time Turner" and its basically the same thing!!)

Thanks again and bye for now!


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Broken Sword 5 is Officially Here!!!

A huge "Hello" to all my faithful followers here in Blogger World.
Please forgive me for my complete lack of communication during 2012. Its been an incredible year, which has completely turned my life around- even more incredible than being fitted with a bionic jaw- But, i will save the life story for another post.... (Which WILL be before the end of the year!!) ;)

Anyways, what i am here for today, is that i want to share with you all, one of the latest projects i have been busy working on. I am currently Art Directing at Revolution where i am responsible for the Environments and 2D direction of Director "Charles Cecil's" project- "Broken Sword- The Serpent's Curse".
Today we have officially launched a "Kick-Starter" project, where hopefully with enough support and backing, Revolution will be able to completely self-publish a game for the first time and make Broken Sword their best game yet.
You can watch the video HERE (With a cameo from yours truly) and see the art work i have been helping our team of incredibly hard working and talented artists and programmers produce.

The next 6 images will show the process in which i have been working to create the Environments.
The rough work to the final line is all mine. My good friend and hugely inspiring/talented artist "Craig Elliott" painted the background, and then i finished it off, working into his colour, adding finishing touches, textures and finer details and changes.

For now, we are keeping a lot of work under our belts and will be releasing more through out the duration of the Kick-Starter. (Make sure to check out the video by following the link above.) There is more artwork to be seen on the video and hopefully over the next few weeks, i'll start to blow away the cobwebs from my dusty old blog and will post more here... (as well as finally some of my own personal artwork, and updating you all with my incredibly exciting year.)

Thank you so much to my incredibly faithful followers and all the people who contact me. You guys give me the encouragement to keep creating and keep believing in what i do. 2011 was the hardest year of my life (For many reasons) and i felt like i was hitting a brick wall at times, (even occasionally questioning my career as an artist). But, the faith and encouragement i received via my blog and at festivals (and of course the companies employing me) gave me the strength to never question my abilities and make the most out of every punch life throws at you- Good or Bad!
You guys rock and i can't thank you enough!!

Righty ho, back to work!!!
I will be back soon!!!

Love TCat.x