Saturday, 10 November 2012

Frankenweenie, CTN, a Little Crow and Rolfy Roo

Hey Folks,
Sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I would like too, I have just been so incredibly busy, juggling two full time jobs, as well getting everything ready for CTNx in just one weeks time and planning my wedding and of course having my ups and downs with my titanium jaw. The cold weather is really effecting it and the pain is immense- but like always, I trooper on.

Now that the film has been released, I can share some of the work I did on Frankenweenie.
I was illustrating concepts and key moments of the film, designing sets and props and having sooo much fun. This has been one of my most favourite films of my professional career so far. I enjoyed every minute of it and am so proud of the final product. The film made me laugh, cry and smile through out. It is so charming and really tugs on the emotional heart strings. Any one who has had a pet dog will know exactly what I'm talking about and it is a film for them.  It was an honour and dream come true to work on a Tim Burton Animation, and I cant thank my friend Tim Browning enough for giving me this opportunity. It is a memory I will cherish forever. 

I will be leaving for CTN in a couple of days. I will be in California for just over a week and can't wait to catch up with old friends and of course making new ones. I have a whole new range of goodies, including t-shirts, iPhone and iPad covers and more, as well some old stuff too. I will be taking commissions, so if you want a scribble from yours truly, sign up early, as it will get busy. I also have more copies of Scribble Tor and will be doing portfolio reviews and of course be giving out my trade mark big Tori Cat hugs. My Mr Tori Cat to be will be with me too, so look out for him!
You will find us at Table "T40" on the corner by the main stage, Straight down the middle of the convention room from the main entrance. I will be next to my booth buddy- Craig Elliott and as well as my Mr Tori Cat to be (as seen pictured at the bottom of this post with Rolfy Roo) you may find another hairy Kat hanging out with me, Look out for my bosom buddy "Kirk Kat". As pictured with me at CTN last year below. Make sure you say hi- he doesn't bite.... Hard!! ;)

I also want to take this opportunity to help out my good friend Uli Meyer. Through out the history of my blog, you will have seen his name pop up on many different occasions. Uli is an incredible talent and mentor to me, but most of all, a very good friend. So, please, for me, can you take the time to check out his Kickstarter. He is currently in the process of making his own children's book about a little crow called "Cuthbert". All hand drawn with pencil, ink and water colours, it is a masterpiece in the making. You will certainly not be disappointed. So please, if you can spare a penny, every pledge counts- but of course we respect that times are tough, so even if you just spread the word of his work, that will be a huge support. Thank you!

Last of all, Tim and I got the opportunity to meet a child hood hero of ours a few months back. He was a gentleman and just as lovely in person as he is on the TV. He was very complimentary of my art work and gave some great advice too. He is an incredible artist and inspiration to both of us, and we were left a little star struck after chatting with him. Thank you Rolf for the years of inspiration! You are gent and the world needs more people like you!

Ok folks, I need to dash- got to get a Broken Sword layout finished, as well as pack my case for LA, get my prints signed and bagged up and also hit the printers to pick up more goodies and visit my Granddad Pooh Bear's grave before we make a 5 hour drive to the airport to catch a flight leaving for California first thing Monday morning. Ahhhhh!!! Go Go GOOOOO!!!!

Thanks for all the constant support. Once I'm back from California, things should calm down a bit for me, so I should have a wee bit more time to post and reply to all the lovely comments and emails i receive.
Like always, its the support you guys show me that keeps this little blog alive!! Thank you all so much!! You ROCK!!! 

Much love,