Thursday, 28 October 2010

"Paris- Part 2"

Finished!!! This Layout has taken me much longer than I ever anticipated. It started of as fairly simple layout, inspired by the wonderful and quirky buildings in Paris. I then started adding in little bits of detail, which then grew into more and more until I couldn't stop adding in every single window pane, brick, flower basket and chimney pot. Its been a beast to complete, but I'm happy i can now call it a day.

Below is a simple sketch, taken straight from my mole skin, which i am NOT going to go back into.... well, for now maybe ;)
It's been fun and guess what... I'm back in Paris right now, as i make this post... So you never know... looks like there will be more to come!!! Watch this space!!! :)

Lastly, Thanks again to every one for all their comments and support!! You all help encourage me to keep the scribbles coming!!
Thanks a million!! :D
Tori Cat.xx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

"Paris- Part 1"

I have recently been on a few romantic weekend breaks to Paris over the last few months, visiting the other half who is currently working out there. I love every thing about Paris, but most of all is it's artistic culture. It is a beautiful city and so inspiring to draw. I have a few more sketches to come, as I'm currently finishing off a couple of inspirational drawings of the city and it's environment. But, for now I wanted to get the ball rolling, so here is my first 'Paris Post'.
It is the view from the apartment window. I loved the contrast from the bright city lights below to the dark moonlit sky.
I originally took a photo (TOP RIGHT) on my phone, but it never gave the sight and colours justice, so thats why i decided to play the hand of God and pick the colours myself. Ok, so the picture ended up being more of my imagination towards the end, but in my head, thats how i remember it. (TOP LEFT). Below is a close up section of my painting.
Keep a look out, i'll get "Paris - Part 2" up as soon as all the details and trimmings are finished. :)

Thanks again to all the bloggers out there who follow my blog and keep on coming back!! You guys ROCK!!!
All support and comments are always appreciated!
Will be back soon!!
Bye for now,

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dog on the Blog...

Just a little bit of fun, in homage of my late best friend.