Thursday, 28 October 2010

"Paris- Part 2"

Finished!!! This Layout has taken me much longer than I ever anticipated. It started of as fairly simple layout, inspired by the wonderful and quirky buildings in Paris. I then started adding in little bits of detail, which then grew into more and more until I couldn't stop adding in every single window pane, brick, flower basket and chimney pot. Its been a beast to complete, but I'm happy i can now call it a day.

Below is a simple sketch, taken straight from my mole skin, which i am NOT going to go back into.... well, for now maybe ;)
It's been fun and guess what... I'm back in Paris right now, as i make this post... So you never know... looks like there will be more to come!!! Watch this space!!! :)

Lastly, Thanks again to every one for all their comments and support!! You all help encourage me to keep the scribbles coming!!
Thanks a million!! :D
Tori Cat.xx


L ROSSI said...

Wow! Well done!
Nice to see the detailed architectural style and the quick sketch - you can certainly do it all!

ToueT said...

Thanks for posting this nice layout. I always have nightmares with layouts, so it's nice to know it took you quite long time and effort to be able to finish it. Some times I see other people's work and feel they're able to do it in a single breath. :)

Mattias said...

Looks great

Wayne B. Medina said...

Hi Tori!!!

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, and a very nice comment at that =) I'm sorry for getting back at you so late as well. Fantastic blog and thank you for the link. I'll link you up too =)


aintshakespeare said...

Nice buildings. I love the look of town houses and you've really done them well.

Ashley Boddy said...

Definitely got that Paris feel! Also I'd heard through the grape vine (read - Matt, Boris, Rob S etc.) that you were on Frankenweenie for a bit. Still haven't seen or heard much about it. Was that good? Did you hear that Shaun is up for another Emmy and BAFTA?

Oh, and if you get time pick up a copy of this months UK edition of Wired magazine...there is a surprise in there on page 144. :)

joe said...

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Ken said...

Love these Tori, awesome work!

And hope you had a good birthday :D


Mark Montague said...

Beautiful work.

Gulzar said...

Love your stuffs in here :)
and cant wait to see all your stuffs for blue sky studios :)

Christopher P Sanders said...

So Tori Cat...

I've looked at your site for a while now and I wanna' know something. With someone with your artistic ability and comprehensive experience; what does that dream job look like or what goals are you shooting for? Deep I know, but I wanna' know whats at the end of the rainbow for you.

Humor me!

chris (

Florencia Bini said...

It looks amazing!!!
I'm sure it's must been a hard job but you make it look so easy, it looks great!!

Brandon said...

Wow Tori! You do incredible work. You have such a good eye. I will definitely be visiting often. Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog.

PseudoRhys said...

you've made me miss paris even more ... amazing work. wish i could even think in that much detail let alone get it to paper.