Friday, 24 June 2011

Tribute to a Sleeping Bear...

Just a few days into my recent trip to LA, i was struck with the tragic news that my Grandfather had passed away.
I was VERY close with 'Grandad' and was deeply saddened to hear this news. I came back home to England as soon as i could, so i could be with my family and be there to read at Grandad's funeral.

My Grandad was known as "The Bear" and any one who ever met him would know why. He had great big loving paws, and gave HUGE Bear hugs. He was an ex-police man, standing way over 6ft tall and had a huge appetite. Pork pies being one of his favorite 'Bear Snacks'!!
He was so special to me and a huge part of my life. I will never forget the computer classes he took, just so he could learn how to write me emails and keep up to date with my latest art work on my blog... This is why i am making this post.... So he can continue reading my stories up in Heaven and know just how much he is already missed.
He was so loving and kind and helped support me in every possible way. His dream was to see me succeed in life and with my animation career... in which I plan to continue making him proud in every way.
I know he is never far away and is always watching over me. He is very much alive in all our hearts. His body has just done what all bears do and has gone into hibernation.

I will be going back to LA in the morning to continue with my work, and pick up from where i left so suddenly just a few weeks ago.... But my main reason for heading back, is so i can continue making my Grandad proud.

Sleep well 'Old Bear'. Love you for eternity. God Bless you always.