Friday, 17 December 2010

A quick post for now... but will have pretty paintings to share with you soon!!
Here is a link and a sneak peak at "Rio". I worked as an Environmental Designer on the film, back in 2007 at Blue Sky Studios, when it was originally pitched! It is very exciting to see it nearly finished!! Congratulations to Carlos and all the team!!

Sorry I have not been around much lately... Have been very busy. I have recently come back from a last minute trip to LA, where I worked at CTNx. I shared a booth with a great friend of mine (and incredible artist), Craig Elliott. Had a fantastic time and met so many wonderful artists and new friends. I have loads I want to share with every one who reads my blog, but am snowed under (quite literally, as the UK is littered in the white stuff at the mo) with work. Iv got a few commissions I'm currently trying to get finished in time for Christmas as well as all the usual family visiting, wrapping pressies and festive tings you do this time of the year. I've also got some very exciting news to tell... but you will all have to wait and see for now... (I don't want to jinx my luck).

Here are just a couple of snaps from my many recent adventures...
This pic is Craig Elliott and i at Ken Dunken's Studio when he invited us over for a visit! He's a great guy with an awesome studio and team!! Thanks Ken!! We had a Blast!!
This shot is pretty clear to any one, who like me, have had a dream of one day working here. Craig has worked for Disney Feature Animation for many many years, and kindly had me invited to the studio to see whats going on beyond those magic gates!! We also got to watch an advanced screening of "Tangeled" at Feature Animation, along side many of the amazing artists and directors who worked on the show!! I never wanted to leave!!

These few snaps are from a short break in Paris at Glen Keane's exhibition at Galerie Arludik as well as Craig Elliott's an David Colman's exhibition too!
You can also read a great review of Glen's exhibition on Antoine Clarisse's website "The Art of Disney Animation".

I have soo much more to share, but must get back to work!! Just wanted to prove I am still alive and touch base with you guys out there in blogger's land!!

I must say a massive Thank you to every one who gets in contact and visits my blog. Also, especially for all the new friends i made at CTNx. It was a pleasure to meet you all and I feel so honored you aspire to me! I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present!! Thank you!! As soon as I get chance I will be in touch with all of you who have emailed me and I have not yet replied to!! Please forgive me... im a very busy bunny!!!

If I dont get the chance to post before hand, just want to wish every one a very merry Christmas and all the best for an awesome 2011!! See you in the new year (with lots of exciting new artwork!!) !!

Lots of love, Turkey (Nut Roast for the Veggies) Christmas Puddings, Crackers and Mince Pies!!!



Nazario said...

I really want to see Rio! As soon as I saw the trailer it brought me childhood memories of when I lived there. The resemblance of the scenery to the real thing is so great, for a moment I felt like I was there again.

L ROSSI said...

Looks great - Well done on getting in on that! ;)

Oscar said...

beautiful art you have in here!

Ben Ho said...

Hey TC! Good to hear you are doing well! Hope you all the best for this big thing you are excited about. Cant wait to hear about it!

Zane Yarbrough said...

wow so jealous that you got to go to the paris glen keen show I remember having lunch with claire keen a few months ago, and her mentioning something about it, that sounds so cool glad I found your blog you have some really cool looking stuff keep it coming and I will be back for sure.

Ibrahim Khan said...

was the little boy the original commission and then you added the little girl.... cause it looked that way.
Good Luck with LA (ill keep the fingers & toes crossed):D I will defo email for some crits, i need them.

Ibby K :P