Monday, 9 May 2011

Observational Animal Scribbling...

                                                      Brush Pen and Digital Colour

                                                        Brush Pen and Digital Colour

                                                        Fine Liner and Pro Marker

                                                        Fine Liner and Pro Marker

                                                         Fine Liner and Pro Marker

                                                                      Brown Pencil

                                                                      Brown Pencil

                                                          Fine Liner and Pro Marker

Im very busy at the mo, getting ready for LA and with work etc, so i haven't had as much time as i would like to get on with some of my own personal scribbling...
But to keep my blog alive and kicking, Here is a handful of recent drawings from my dusty sketch book. They are scribbles from a zoo/petting farm i visited recently.
Before i head to the West, i'll make sure to get my blog up to date, with lots more Rio vis dev and a few little goodies i'm currently working on.
As always thanks to every one who stops by and gets in touch!! Your support is what keeps this dusty old blog alive!!

EDIT: There seems to have been a tech fault with blogger recently, and i have had several comments which have not come thru properly. I can see i have a comment, but it wont let me read it or appear on my blog, so if you are one of those who left me a wee note, please try again, i would love to hear from you and what you have to say.
Thanks again to every one who drops by!! Your support and commitment to my blog is very encouraging and i hope to keep you all inspired!
Many thanks-TCAT.x


L ROSSI said...

Wow! All of these are terrific - I can't pick a favourite! I love the variety of media, and the mark making that you've achieved with each one!
Ok, If I have to: the Leopard and the Penguins :D

Olav Marahrens said...

wow, brilliant drawing skills. Congrats!

Gill Face said...

Aww the cheetahs are so cute! Why are the big cats always laying down in zoos? I guess theyre depressed. :(

And what sort of crazy petting zoo has cheetahs?????

Pagas said...



Denny said...

Awesome! Great art!!!

Meredith Jude Strandquist said...
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L ROSSI said...

Oh whoops - I meant cheetahs!! :s

Michael Plummer said...

These are great, do more!

graeme brandham, animator. said...

Hey tori! Its graeme (from the disney tangled thing last night) Was really nice meeting you at last. He he! Did you enjoy the show? Get a chance to meet klay kaytis? :o it was insane, he sounded just like the podcasts . . well of course he would . . . but even so!
Really lovely drawings in the mean time. Where were these drawn out of curiosity? I need to start mediaring it up a bit more i think. Recently aqquired a new brush pen. Time to go play :D
All the best anyhows in LA and comiccon


graeme brandham, animator. said...
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libra bear said...

Brilliant as usual Tori. PErsonal favourite is the second one down. The cheetah really feels solid and has weight to it, not to mention the style. Hope your well

Kat said...

Hey Tori! Great drawings, I love the leopard especially :) It was great to meet you over the last two days in London, was really good to talk and hear what you're up to these days. Good luck for LA and Comic-Con, look forward to hearing about it!

Jessica said...

Hi Tori Was really great getting to chat with you these last two days. Good luck with LA, hope you have a great time. Speak soon!

libra bear said...

I could have sworn I left a comment here. Love the weight style and general feel of the second cheetah. Firing on all cylinders. Great post Tori

Jamie Littler said...

Oh my goodness, I am completely flattered that you like my work...especially as your stuff is PHENOMENAL!!! I can't believe how good your stuff is!! EXTREMELY inspiring, I love it! :D

graeme brandham, animator. said...

Hey Tori. No worries! Its always fun having a look at what you have been getting up to recently. You should try posting a map of the lines you have made around the world so far xD he he. Could be interesting.

OH GOD yes! The Disney thing has inspired me so much. I've always been pretty motivated, but well. That day changed me forever. (Today for example is day 6 of 1460 in becoming a Disney Intern. (Well, that's the dream).

I will definately have to take you up on that generous offer at some point. Another opinion on my portfolio/show reel is so valuable. I mean, look at this way. For every opinion I get, that's potentially one more person in the industry I can satisfy. :-) And yes, of course. I'm gonna spend the rest of my life learning to be a good animator. So are we all. So anything we can all do to help each other out is all good. Like a family.

If you ever fancy getting an opinion on something you have done, (not that I'm in the industry yet, but maybe that's an interesting perspective from which to look at work) I would be more than happy too. :) The offers there.

Hey yer, it was Glory and Dreams. Still making back to the sea. Due to be finished in about 8 months now. Its looking good so far though. Its obvious everyone there cares so much about it. So much work and love into one film!!
I found the whole experience pretty amazing. It was a little bit more 'chilled' than i was expecting. But I managed to push a little bit for more work here and there.
Thom is a legend. He was possibly my favourite thing in china. His knack for good storytelling is excellent. Lol we had many many good conversations about some of the storyboards I did for him. Calvin, is also pretty dam cool. All of them. Warren, jenny etc. Loved it!!

Hope your having a ball in LA at the moment. Trying to save up to come out there soon. (gonna take Dawn up on her offer to show people around the studio if I can)

Keep in touch too.
All the best

Kat said...

Hi Tori, thanks for your reply! Seems blogspot deleted my previous comment, I just wanted to say it was great meeting you the other week and good luck in LA :) Oh and also to say that I love these drawings haha!
London was fantastic, it certainly gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation to improve and work hard. I'm really glad I got to go, it was an amazing experience!
Thanks very much for the offer, I think I will definitely be taking you up on that in the near future! Any advice I can get is always appreciated. That's what I love about this course! Everyone looks out for each other, it's an amazing atmosphere to work in, bouncing ideas off each other and learning from everyone's different strengths.
I can't wait for Annecy, hearing all your stories has me so excited! Thanks again, I'll definitely keep in touch!
All the best
Kat x

Tanya said...

Wow, Your work is amazing!

tokyobanana said...

nice works !

chang said...

wow whee, did you camp out at the zoo or what
thanks for stopping by, great to meet another zoo-goer! :)

Justin Rodrigues said...

Tori you have some beautiful work here. Very, very inspiring stuff!

Thank you so much for the kind comment you left on my blog. I truly appreciate it!