Friday, 16 September 2011

Mis-Mash (Part One)

Hi Folks! Its been a while since my last post. Had a very hectic and rough few months... Iv been working in LA, Exhibited at 'San Diego, Comic Con', Had major surgery on my face, Faced 'another' family death, Started composing my first "SketchBook" (Limited 1st edition, to be released at CTNx in November 2011) and much more....
In-between all of this, i have tried to squeeze in a bit of drawing.... :)
So, as its been such a long time since i last posted, i though its about time i update you all... Sadly Its a random "MISH MASH" for now, as my scanner packed up, just as i got started with my scanning... So just a couple of sketch book scribbles and a life drawing is all your going to get for now...Sorry!!  :(

A few sketch book pics of some bunnies at the pet shop. I was sat in the shop for over an hour watching my fluffy friends... Bunnies are fun!!  :)
(more to come!!)

As my scanner packed in, after only getting to scan one life drawing, i decided to go into the one i did have and chuck some tone on it digitally.
(more to come!!)
EDIT: Looking into the digital tone piece, i think i may have really over worked the rib cage. I may go back into it and make her less "Ribby".... or i might just leave it and keep on Moving Forward!!?  :D
I only decided to go into the line work when my scanner packed in, and i fancied doing some "colouring in" to ease my frustration. :P hee hee

For all you attending this years CTNx in November, i have a booth!! If your going to be there, please swing by and say 'hey!!' Would love to see you!

 OK, for all of you quite sensitive, look away NOW.... 

Here are a few snaps of the results after my big opp! These are a few, "Less Gory" pics, a few days after the surgery, when i'm starting to look a little more 'human', but a little more 'swollen/poofy cheeked'.
(For all of you who don't know, 4 weeks and 400 stitches ago, i had my 6th operation in the last 3years on my jaw... This time i had a full "Jaw Replacement". Now, rocking a Titanium Jaw! :)  Hopefully, this will be my last operation!! Fingers crossed!
Still in alot of pain, as its gunna be a long recovery, but good news is, i'm healing well and i will not let a "Mere Scratch" get in my way!! Nothing will come between me and my pencil! :P

1. (RIGHT SIDE) 4 Days after surgery.
2. (LEFT SIDE) 4 Days after surgery.
3. (LEFT SIDE) 6 Days after surgery. Drains taken out and patched up

 OK Folks!! Thats all for now! For all of you who have kindly been in touch with me and had no reply,You can now see, just how busy i have been. Im still in the early stages of my recovery and have good and bad days, BUT I will be in touch with all of you who have contacted me, as and when i can!! :D Like always, Thank you all so much for all the love and support you have all shared with me. Especially for all the kind messages i got in regards to my last post. Pooh Bear would be very proud and i am too!!
Thank you all!!  :')

Take care guys, I'll be back soon!
Love and God Bless!


alipilli said...

hope everything goes well and youre feeling better. keep on trucking. imma big fan :D

Francos Freax said...

Get well soon!!I miss your wonderful drawings!

Roggle said...

ouch! what happened???
I hope you're doing well.

get well soon!

Cameron Thompson said...

Wish you a speedy recovery Tori! Feel better soon

UM said...

Good to see you doing things, Tori! Great drawings as usual, please keep a copy of your sketchbook for me.
See you soon :)

Gillibean said...

Owy! Im sure that was absolute agony and sorry if this is insensitive, but it looks soooo awesome! I love gore! But im glad youre well on the mend and looking forward to seeing you again in LA. Messga me about your travel plans!

"TORI CAT" said...

Thanks so much. Its still early days in regards to my recovery, but i'm slowly getting there. The Doc says im doing well, so i'm happy.... i can't wait for it all to be over! Really happy you like my work. Thanks!
Best wishes! :)

Thanks for your get well wishes... Hopefully i wont leave it so long for until the next post!! :P
Hope you are well?
Best wishes! :)

Long story Rogie, wont go too much into it now...
Basically i broke my jaw just over 3 years ago. Since then i have had 6 operations to try and fix it!
SO, fingers crossed this time it will work. It's been the biggest operation i have had so far to try and fix me. I was knocked out for just under 9hrs and literally had my face removed!!
Still quite swollen, and i miss my usually distinct cheek bones, but i can't complain really... I'm like 'Wolverine' now, with my new tin grin!! :D
Thanks for your good wishes, i wont let it get in my way... i'll be ready to rock n roll in no time!! :P
All the best to you!! I hope your final year at AUCB went well. I really wanna watch your student film!!
Please can you send us the link again to your film's blog? Thanks!! :)

Thanks Cameron!! I plan to be fighting fit again in no time!! Cant wait to see the back of all of this!! :P
All the best to you :)

Hey Uli!! So sorry i haven't been in touch!! I'll get back to you propperly ASAP. Thanks sooo much for all your love and incredible support!!! Hope you are ok. Sending you BIG hugs!! :D
I'll have a book ready ad waiting for you, with your name!! No doubt about that!! :P
Take care and see you real soon!! :)

Lucas Ferreyra said...

You are a brave girl, Tori... Hope you are 100% now. Best,

"TORI CAT" said...

hey dude!! If you love the blood n guts, i'll show you the "REAL" stuff when i see ya next!!
Best part of the surgery is (apart from hopefully being fixed) is i get to keep a replica version of my skull they had to make. They made exactly my skull, so they could fit the custom made joints to it when building them.
I'm going to make it into a candle holder... Will be a great talking point at any dinner party!! ;)
I'll be in touch with you soon over my travel plans etc for LA. Not exactly sure what im doing just yet.
Hope your ok and life is all good in ol' Lux. I see you have taken a fancy to "Raccoons"... They are my favorite!! You will find a fair few of them in my 'older posts'. I have a character iv been working on for years, in my 'down time'. He is called "Banjo Raccoon". I love 'um, they ROCK!! :P
Cheers dude!!! Will be in touch soon!! :)

"TORI CAT" said...

Thanks Lucas, i haven't had much choice to be brave really... It had to be done.
Still got a long way togo in regards to my recovery... But i trooper on the best i can do!! Life is too short!! Gotta live for the moment and make the most out of what iv got!
Thanks again and all the best to you! :)

DSM said...

I knew something was up; long time! And I'd been thinking about your 'missing' the last few weeks...
Anywho, glad to see

On a bunny-note: I think you're in L.A. and Laguna is down the coast. If you need jaw r+r the public park surrounding the MONTAGE resort is chock full of baby bunnies. I got up early and they sit in the first warm sunlight like fuzzy softballs. Adowable...

Lucas Ferreyra said...

That's a great way of living, Tori!

Frankie Swan said...

oh gosh tori your going through a hell of alot and yet your still able to produce such lovely work. your an extremely tuff workhorse, i must be more like you!
i love this new banner!!
i hope you have a speedy recovery.

L ROSSI said...

"Looks soooo awesome"????????
No - it's not.
Hope you are recovering nicely!!
Love the new banner and avatar :)
All the best for CTN! Don't go doing TOO much! ;)

halloumicheese said...

i like the bunny drawings! hope everything is well. get well soon and keep on trucking cos we love ur work :)

Dana said...

Woah a broken jaw and six operations ;3; Glad to see you're taking it well and healin' up.

Love the sketches! Those bunnies are adorable ;3;

Amanieu Rebu said...

omg i didn't know you had a surgery :( i hope everything is alright, get well soon!!!

jLou said...

You look like you're recovering well, and yes, hopefully it'll be your last surgery! :) Lovely sketches as always Tori! <3

"TORI CAT" said...

All you wonderful folks who have left me a comment, i will reply soon. Promise... just need to get my typing hand on! hee hee!!
Thankyou for all the support!! :D

Jessica said...

Hey Tori I hope everything is going well. All the best! <3 x

wren said...


Thanks for posting the beautiful sketches and also letting us know about the real challenges you are going through. Wow - a titanium jaw! It almost sounds like one of those stories where the kid becomes a superhero and starts fighting crime at night after getting a special body part implanted. You are courageous and an inspiration.

Janine Antolin said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog post! these sketches are wonderful! Super flattered a talent like you is following my work! Keep posting!

Santiago Montiel said...

Wow, you must be passing through something...take the time to recover and rest a little bit, it's seems to be some kind of holidays for you, isn't it? Hope to see more of your drawings soon.
Take care!

Rony HOTIN said...

Hey Tori!
Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog. You've got a lot of wonderful stuffs here and an impressive resume!
I can't believe what I see! What's happened to your jaw is so sad! Hope you'll be better very soon.

Best wishes!


best wishes on a Speedy recovery. Also I'd be down for having one of those books if you can set it aside.


Tim Robinson said...

Hello Tori,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Your work is amazing and my jaw dropped when I saw your portfolio/resume. You've done so much! I hope that have had success in recovering from surgery.

Thanks again.

"TORI CAT" said...

Thanks for your message, and noticing i hadn't been around much lately. As for the bunnies, that sounds like a super fun place. I'll be coming back to California in November, so i may have to take an extended trip to go to Laguna!! Go draw sum baby bunny fuzz balls :)

Its not always easy at times buddy, but i try my hardest to keep focused on my art work :)
GLad you like the new banner!
HOpe you are ok! Loving all the new work that you have been up to. I can see you improving all the time!! Keep going man, you have a fantastic attitude towards your work!!
Thanks for the support dude! :D

Yes i agree, not exactly what i would describe as "Awesome" and certainly doesn't feel awesome! :(
I going back to hospital this week for my 8week check up, and to have some more treatment to help ease the pain im in. Keep everything crossed that i'll get some much needed relief!
Hope you are well and Gobelins is fun fun fun!!
(You'll get your pressie very soon!!)
Glad you like the new banner and Avatar.... Its only taken about 3 years to finally change it! hee hee! :P
Big Squishy hugs for ya! :)

Awwww, thank you so much for the kind message :')
You make me blush!! =^._.^= (Thats supposed to be a Tori Cat) hee hee! Thank you!

Yep, its been a tough ride... but the way i see it is, i have 2 choices. I can either sit in bed feeling sad and sorry for myself, OR i just put on a brave face and get on with it! (Of course some days, become duvet days, but in general i just try to stay positive and keep moving forward) :)
GLad you like my bunnies.... sadly i just don't do the wee critters justice. They were a million times cuter and floofier in real life!! :P

"TORI CAT" said...

Thank you for the get well wishes!!
Each day i'm getting a bit stronger! I plan to be back to full health ASAP! :D

Thanks! Im getting there. Still a bit swollen, considering i had my face literally removed and then stitched back on, I look pretty good. The surgens did such a fantastic job. Once the scars start to fade, i dont think any one would be able to tell what i have been thru. Im glad you like my sketches! thanks!
Allt he best :)

Thanks Jess! Nice to hear from you!
Hope you are well and life in the 2nd year is going well. Awwww, i miss the student days! I loved the animation class at the AIB so much (Sorry im old school- i just cant call it by its new name) hee hee!
Make the most out of every minute dude!! It will fly by soooo quickly!! Have fun!! :P

Thankyou Wren for the lovely message! That is very kind of you!! I haven't tested it yet, but i do hope my new jaw will come with special powers!! That would be awesome!! Hmmmm, i wonder what my new powers will be?? ;)
Im glad i can inspire people. Its very flattering that people look at me for inspiration :D Thank you :)

YOu are a very talented artist Janine. So of course i'll be keeping up to date with your latest scribbles! :)

Thank you! Its been a very difficult year or so especially. Lets keep positive and look forward to better times to come! :)
Once im feeling brighter, i hope to be posting a lot more regularly :)

Thanks so much for the kind comment!! I LOVE your work!! Am certainly a big fan!! Very inspiring stuff!
Yes, the constant problems with my jaw have been awful and i can't wait to be able to put it all behind me! Not only is it hard for me, but also its not very easy for all my family and friends to have to constantly see me in pain and suffering. Hopefully it wont be long now and i'll be my happy health self again :) Thanks!! :D
ALSO, im glad you are impressed with my resume. Iv spent most of my time in the industry working with a broken have always felt a little sad that i have not been able to work as hard as i usually would. Hopefully once im fixed and back to the old me again, i'll be able to do sooo much more. Im lucky that i love what i do, and my job also my hobby! So working hasn't felt like a chore in any way.... if any thing, having such great projects to work on have helped me to stay focussed and heal quicker! :D

Awww, so nice to hear from you!! Thank you so much for dropping by!!Of course i'll put a book aside for you!! you rock!! thanks for wanting to help support little old me and adding little me to your book collection!! :D

Thank you for your kind comments. That made me laugh when you said your "jaw dropped". Ha ha!! I wish mine would!! Then i would be able to eat solid food again and not live on soup thru a straw!! hee hee!!
If you read the comment wrote for 'RONY' just 2 comments up, that will kinda answer your question as he too mentioned about my portfolio/ Resume.
I love what i do, and so working on great projects has really helped me to take the focus off my jaw and get stuck into really fun work! :D
I have been very lucky to work with so many talented artists, and on such fun projects! I cant wait until i'm back to full health, and hopefully get to work on so much more in the future.
Thank you again and all the best to you!! :)