Saturday, 9 April 2011

Scissorhands 20th Anniversary (PART 3)

So, i'm currently running a little behind schedule at the moment...
Here is my piece after 'Day 1' of painting. Sadly it hasn't gone according to plan, as i have found my ink lines tend to smudge when i add water to them and the paper isn't absorbing my paint as nicely as i had hoped. (I was sure i had tested the ink with water before i cleaned it up) Grrrrr!
So, because of this little unexpected hiccup, i have had to change my method of painting.
Usually i would paint the picture as a whole and build up all the fine details with layers upon layers... but as i am washing away my detailed line as i work... i am finding i am working my way across the picture, concentrating fully on just one section at a time.
I wouldn't advise usually painting this way, as you almost forget about the 'big picture' and can waste time 'faffing' on minor details like i have found myself doing so far.
My scanner sadly has not picked up the silver paint i have used for Edward's scissor hands and the nice grain in the paper. It has also seemed to bleach out a lot of the subtle tones. ;( Once it's finally complete, i'll try scanning it in at a higher resolution, in hope that the finer detail will shine :)
The top left hand corner is still far from complete, but i am going to start moving into the other sections now, otherwise i'll end up 'faffing' over eyebrows and tiny lines, no one can even see. I'll go back to the finer details later.
Hopefully, i'll be a bit happier with it after after 'Day 2' of painting ;)

Ok, So its back to the drawing board for me! See you soon!!
As always thanks again to every one who drops by. Your time and support is always really appreciated.



Franco's Alter Egon said...

I love it...that's really cute!!I'm always waiting for more of your precious work!

L ROSSI said...

Oh man that's gonna look cool! Go TC!
(P.S I'll get back to you some point this weekend :) )

Kate_Harrison said...

Wow Tori, that's amazing! Hope you're alright, speak to you soon xxx

Hannah said...

Hey Tori - your work is awesome. : ) Really glad I came across your blog. I watched your graduation film too and wow it's amazing. Thanks for sharing your work with us. : )

Marcelo Vignali said...

You know, bleeding ink lines aren't necessarily a bad thing. It has a cool effect, I like it.

Nazario said...

Hey, Tori, I just came back from watching Rio and the backgrounds were gorgeous. It was exactly as I remember it. (OK, the bathing suits were a bit conservative but that's about it.)

Anyway, I could definitely see your influence since many of the shots reminded me of Favelados.