Saturday, 2 April 2011

Scissorhands 20th Anniversary (PART 1)

I am currently working on my piece for the up-coming exhibition at Gallery Nucleus celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Edward Scissorands.
I must have my piece finished in the next few days, so it can be shipped off to the gallery in time for the show. At the exact minute, i am waiting for the ink to dry on my piece so far, so i thought i'd use this free time i have, to share with you, my step by step progress of how my piece is coming along. From the first thumbnail to the final framed image.
I'm just past the half way mark, so make sure you check back real soon to see the finished piece for the show.

This piece below is the final Digital thumbnail that i have worked into and loosely rendered up. This is in preparation for the traditional piece, i am now currently drawing up with pencil and ink. Once the line work is done i'll get that up ASAP, along with the next stages, as they follow....

The two images below are the initial thumbnails i designed in creating my piece. For the beginning stages, i have worked digitally as i find it much easier and quicker to edit and rework my design. I started with the 1st image down and then worked into it a bit more further down. I actually then posted the second image on my blog for a short while to get some constructive feedback. Then, taking note from the comments i received, i then re-worked the second design and produced the more advanced image above. Thank you so much to every one who left me a comment and helped advise me as to where i could possibly take my painting next.

If you are interested in seeing some other contributing pieces for the show, from great artists from all around the world, check out: Scissorhands 20th
Thanks again to every one who drops by and for the such great support you all give!! Like always, You ROCK!!!
See ya real soon,


Franco's Alter Egon said...

Your Work is really fantastic!Can't wait to see more of this!

UM said...

Show's in two weeks! Get your skates on:-)

L ROSSI said...

Good luck with the final stage!

Malgorzata Arska said...

I saw other contributions and all are pretty great :)