Thursday, 21 April 2011

"Rio" Visual Development (Part 1)

As Blue Sky's "Rio" has now been released i am aloud to share some of the visual development i did for the film back in 2007.
I have loads to go through and will get round to posting lots more as soon as i have more time.
I wanted to share some of my artwork now, as i have been receiving lots of wonderful messages from people who have seen the film and wanted to congratulate me for my contribution to it.
Some of my you may know, that i co-directed a short film "Favelados" (which is also set in Rio) back in 2007. After completing Favelados, Carlos Saldanha (The director of Rio) hired me as an environmental designer to mainly focus on the visual style of the shanty town and market.

It was an amazing opportunity and fantastic experience working with Carlos and the rest of the team at Blue Sky.
I am very happy to see the film finally complete. It looks incredible and it was an honor to be a part of it.
I must say a massive thank you to Carlos for hiring me, and wanting to work with me and also thanks to all the amazingly talented artists at Blue Sky for their incredible hard work and their kind support.

I'll be posting some more of my work for Rio in the near future as well as my finished Edward Scissor Hands tribute piece for Gallery Nucleus and more!

Thanks again to every one who gets in touch and for all the fantastic support.
As always,

PS- TM and Copyright Blue Sky Studios. All rights reserved. Sale, duplication, transfer of this material or elements therein is strictly prohibited.


Jez Tuya said...

Wow. Wow. Wow! I want your job. D:

Dennis Cornetta said...

Great stuff! That movie was definitely visually stunning.

Jason Pruett said...

nice stuff.

Malgorzata Arska said...

you did amazing job :)
so awesome :)

N.Hall said...

yay love it :)

L ROSSI said...

But you tease! Can't wait to see everything! :)
Awesome stuff!

Pagas said...

Great visual studies, I like the harmony of the shapes.


Frankie Swan said...

hello Tori
thank you so much for your kind comments. I was actually plucking up the courage to ask you some questions about layout then i saw your comment!i am really happy you like the idea so far, and i am totally with you on the colour idea, i was actually thinking about that very method of playing with the colour saturation last night and you have just made it so much clearer for me so thank you. i just hope i can do it effectively. im going to make another pass at the animatic tomorrow and im gonna try apply the suggestions you and laurent have given me as well as knock some animation time off it. It has to be closer to one minute. ill hopefully have it on my blog by next week, i would love some more feedback from you if you got any spare time.
i do have one problem that i was hoping you could help me with. i suk at layouts, i tried some colour tests yesterday and they were disastrous so i binned them then curled up in a ball and sobbed for a while. i dont have a lot time so i need to keep it simple and maybe graphic but im not too sure where to begin. do you have any suggestions of what i should do??i ask you in particular because you work is simply amazing!!
i know all about 'favelados' been stalking your blogs for a while now :) it's beautiful and think you totally get the emotion across. I really like the cuddle and the lovely butterfly (new life reference) at the end. actually that reminds me i should add it to my inspiration log.
also i was sitting with my niece Sophia today who's 2 and she was telling me all about Rio-after seeing an advert pop up on tv- she loved it so thank for contributing to making her happy too.
cant wait to see more of your work.

Nicola Coppack said...

congratulations! they all look stunning!! =D

Ben Ho said...

Very Nice TC! I knew Favelados was going to make it to the big screen in some way hehe :P Good going!

ARI said...

Beautiful beautiful, thanks for sharing

libra bear said...

About bloody time :) Congrats on Tori, these look cool. Have you seen it yet? I want to try and catch it even if its to see your name in the credits. Hope your well. Keep up the amazing worktw

Nikhita said...

wow they're really awesome!