Monday, 31 May 2010

Blue Sky - RIO

Here is the trailer for "Rio". I worked on this film at Blue Sky Studios, New York, back in 2007, as an Environmental Designer, when the film was originally being pitched.
Hopefully, in some time to come i will be aloud to share some of the original concept art and designs i created for the film.

For you guys who know me, or follow my blog, you will be aware that my graduation film was set in Rio, and so i have spent many a hour drawing shacks and studying the environment. If you want to see my grad film and artwork etc check out "Favelados".


Adam Temple said...

Thanks for the kind words on ma blog. I was admiring yours the other day but I can't remember if I commented on anything. Anyway, the Illusionist looks sick! I can't wait to check it out. Very glad to meet you.

L ROSSI said...

Bonsoir Tori!

Wawawiwa!Looks pretty good!

The environments look almost as good as the ones in that Short Student film set in Rio..... can't remember the name now.... but some girl did 'em and they were awesome! I heard she even tore ligaments in her back doing 'em!
Never mind the film though, can't wait to see if you're in the Art of Book!

GhettoFab said...

Cant wait for this one! Looks gorgeous

Congrats with gettin to do some work on it!

Ben Ho said...

Hahaha brings back memories of the old days :P Good ole TC never disappoints!
You going to Annecy this year? A bit late to ask that since its only a few days away!

mattanimation said...

yeah I just saw this trailer the other day, doesn't suprise me with the great talent Blue Sky has been finding

Jparked said...

amazing work Tori!!

Big fan.

Thanks for sharing.

Magnus Kråvik said...

Wow! I just finnished my first year at AUCB (AIB) and I get so inspired from looking at your work! Your name are still traveling around in the halls of Bournemouth ;) Your ar looks fantastic! I am really looking forward to see this one abd the Illusionist (I couldn't see it in Annecy unfortunately).

Best of wishes =)

Badger said...

Lovely work Tory! Lovely feeling of light.

Christopher P Sanders said...

Hey Tori (TC)... you have another fan! I have been checking out your stuff for sometime now. Man, working on this film must have been one cool venture. Anyway, you've made my blogroll and I'm gonna' keep checkin' in as well as telling people about ya.
Mad, cool, stuff!!! Keep it up.

sachin.k said...

i saw the promo ,its super cool...good that u got to work on this...
all the best :}

lostinarc said...

Watched the rio.. speechless...amazing work by u people...congrats