Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Illusionist - Official Website


Check out the official, new website for Sylvain Chomet's, hugely anticipated, 2D feature, "The Illusionist". There is plenty of animation, stills and information for you to drool over..

I lived in Scotland for just over 2 years, during the film's production. I worked on The Illusionist for year, and was forever blown away by the style, immaculate attention to detail and of course, some of the best 2D animation i have ever seen.

Well done to every one who worked their socks off, to make "The Illusionist" such a beautiful and wonderful film.
Make sure to go check out this wonderful creation from June 16th 2010.


Mr. Mong said...

Hello Miss Davis,

Saw the movie last week here in Belgium and was blown away again (les triplettes de belleville ;). I stumbled this evening on ur blog and was suprised to see someone working on this second feature of Chomet.
Great job! And many of your other work too.



MMJ said...

Hi Tori, Margaret F here from Craig's site. I saw the Illusionist here in Auckland tonight - a truly lovely film. The animation was amazing.... well done to all concerned!!

Patrik Spacek said...

I havent seen it yet... its not at the cinema in the US in my Area...but I cant wait.