Friday, 25 June 2010

"Sock like Qualities...."

Ok, this will probably leave you asking many questions..... that is the point.
It is based on a conversation i had with my tutor during my final year at University.

Basically.... When i asked my tutor "Peter Parr" for his opinion on my first digital painting, he told me the painiting looked "Flat and trapped behind glass". I didnt quite understand..... i'd put my shaddows in there and the lighting was right????

He used an example to describe digital painting to me. He said the painting had no texture and lacked the traditional painting qualities.... He said it reminded him of someone with a pair of tights over their head, where all of their features had been squashed and merged behind the material.

Pete had always favored the idea of me as a traditional artist, but due to time etc of the modern way of working, i have had to pick up digital painting as a much needed prop of the concept artist's tool box.

I have remembered this conversation ever since, and now, when ever i paint, i always try to give a picture texture or some kind of ''Sock'' like quality.


Michael Plummer said...

great stuff!

Adam Temple said...

Is that a pair of tights over the monitor? Look like a prophylactic! lol Cute piece.

mattanimation said...

I was talking to a co-worker about that very thing just yesterday(not condoms on monitors :D) great illustration of the event.

kayvondarabi-fard said...

Lol, I think we've all ran into the deeply metaphorical critiques from Peter.

Really nice sketch, and cool to hear about the moment you had with Parr, I'm glad we've all had one! :)

Congratulations on the illusiionist and Rio, really looking forward to the two of them.

p.s Nice Mac Sting :)

Ben Ho said...

Hahahaha I had that treatment after u left :P Good ole Parr! Looking forward to the reunion!

luke said...

Nice! I'm surprised Apple haven't released a protective 'sock' for the mac worshippers. A 'Jobs Johnny' perhaps? Nice gear.

Matt J said...

Hah! Computer condom! Pete Parr is the man!