Friday, 20 January 2012

The Cat is BACK!!

Helloooooo Fellow Bloggers!!!
Its been a while! Happy 2012!!
Please forgive me for the lack of communication and posting the last few months.
Since retuning from California and with the release of "Scribble-Tor", I just haven't stopped.... in fact it's STILL going on.
I just wanted to touch base and keep you posted with whats been going on.
But first of all, for your visual delight, here are a couple of sketch book samples to wet you pallet...

There is only a few for now, as i just haven't got the time right now to scan everything in. I just picked a couple I quite liked to share with you.... Plus, with the success of "Scribble-Tor", Im already planning a second book for CTNx-2012 so am saving lots of "unseen'' stuff for the book!! :P
For those of you who are interested in purchasing a copy of Scribble-Tor, It is currently only available in the USA, but if you are not in America, and can't wait for the UK release, you can buy it online from "Stewart Ng Books". If you happen to be in L.A, you can also purchase it, in store from "Gallery Nucleus".

I will be releasing Scribble-Tor in the UK at "Animex International Animation Festival" from the 6th-10th February 2012 and will be there to sign copies, portfolio reviews and answer questions. There is also going to be an exhibition of my original art work from the book and some of the work I did at Blue Sky, on "Rio".
I will also doing a presentation with the incredibly talented "Fraser McLean", talking through the process of his must have, new book "Setting the Scene". You can purchase "Setting the Scene following the link to Amazon. This is a book for any animation book junkie. It has everything you should ever need to know in regards to making an animated film, with the main focus being LAYOUTS/ENVIRONMENTS. With the forward written by Pete Doctor and hundreds of examples of production artwork, illustrations and quotes from all of the masters at Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Blue Sky etc, you don't want to miss this!

For those of you still waiting for your copies of Scribble-Tor, you have not been forgotten. Your books are waiting for you, i just haven't had chance to draw in all of them yet and get them posted out... but you will get them ASAP.

2012 is already looking to be a busy year, with lots of exciting things happening.
I have a few projects lined up and am busy scribbling away on other things, but for the time being, I'm keeping them all hush-hush.
One of the things i am really looking forward to is the release of Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie", which is due for release in October. I worked on the film as a Concept Illustrator/Designer back in 2010 and loved every minute of it. Its was a childhood dream come true to get to work on a Tim Burton Animation..... And to have him approve my work for the film was the cherry on top of the icing!! :D

Not much has been publicly released yet, but i can share one little snippet, which i found online at IGN.
I am proud to show the production still above, as this was a scene I actually worked on. What i find most rewarding is to see my hand drawn concepts and designs actually made into tangible models and sets. This was a very fun project to be a part of and I can't wait to see the final film come together.

Righty folks, It's time for me to dash. Got lots I need to be getting on with.
I hope you are all well and i wish you all a happy, healthy, and creative new year ahead!!
'Hopefully' I'll get back to blogging more frequently in the next few months or so.... ;)
Like always, Thanks so much for following me and leaving such great feedback.
I know that I haven't been too good at getting back to people, but i promise, this year, I'll get better at it.
I really do appreciate all of the wonderful comments and emails that I get, and can not thank you enough for the wonderful support!! :D

Peace, love and happy scribblings to you all,


PS, I just want to say a MASSIVE Thanks you to every one who visited my booth at CTN and came and said "Hey". It was so good to see so many of my old friends and to meet so many new friends too!!
What is also so nice, is to finally be able to put faces to names from the blogging world!! And what a pretty bunch (and very talented bunch) you all are!! :)
The show was a huge success, and all the talent on display was mind blowing. I had an incredible time and am already planning a 2nd book for CTN 2012!! I can't wait to do it all over again!! :D

Also, I must say an even bigger Thank you to all of you who purchased something from me. By the end of the show I actually sold out of "Scribble-Tor"!!! I couldn't have been more grateful to you guys!! Thank you so much!! :')
(Don't worry tho, for you guys who still want a copy, there are still a couple of crates left, in anticipation for the UK release.) If you would like a personally illustrated copy, please email me. Once the book goes on sale in the UK, i will set up a pay-pal account for it.

Lastly, Just a special thanks goes out to: Craig Elliott, Kirk R. Thatcher, Chris Ingram and family, Thom Lu, Jackie Huang, Frank Xu, Isaac Orloff, Spike, Peter De Seve, Brian Ajhar, Dean Yeagle, Chris Ayers, David Colman, Mark McDonnell, Ken Dunken and Patti, Hugo and family!!
Your help, support and constant encouragement is a blessing and I am so grateful for everything you have shared with me in one way or another. Thanks you guys!! :') I really appreciate it.


Gerald de Dios said...

All 3 are just Adorable!

Pierre Collet-Derby said...

Hi Tori,
Thanks for the comment on my blog, that was very nice of you. I have to say your work is amazing and very inspiring, I've been visiting your blogs for quite a while now. Working for "Frankeweenie" must have been great, I'm a huge Tim Burton fan and would love to have that opportunity of working for him someday.
Please, continue to amaze us with your talent !

A.C. Braxton said...

Hi Tori! It was great seeing and getting to chat with you at CTN Expo! I'm so happy that your book is turning out to be such a great hit! (I have a copy of course! And will be waiting patiently for pt. 2) Beautiful drawings as always and I hope to chat with you soon.


L ROSSI said...

All the best for 2012 - good to see you are already getting off to a great start! :)

Jo said...

What an amazing portfolio! I'm really inspired and impressed by your work!
You have now a faithful follower there :D

Gillibean said...

Good to see you back online Tori!

jLou said...

Wow congratulations!!! I wish I could have gone to CTN. Hopefully this year I can, so I can meet you! I really love your layout designs! I'm looking forward to watching Frankenweenie, then make sure to check your blog for design updates! :D

I love those sketches of the dog, so cute! I'm not in the U.S right now, and I was going to order your book online, but hopefully there are more prints and new 2nd book by this November ;)

"TORI CAT" said...

Hi Gerald,
Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog!
You have great work! I especially like your paintings from Hudeman Slough, Sonoma Ca.
Great work!

"TORI CAT" said...

Hi Pierre Collect Derby,
Thanks for following my blog and for your kind comment.
yes, it was a big dream of mine to work with Tim Burton, so it was incredible to be given that opportunity. Your work is great...You never know, your day may still come. :)
Thanks again for your very encouraging comments. I hope to continue to "amaze" you with future posts.
Best wishes!!

"TORI CAT" said...

Hey Alaia!!
Yes it was great to meet you at CTN!! Thanks so much fro dropping by and of course for purchasing Scribble-Tor. Your a great artist and i still love your piece "The Green Maiden". Beautiful!!
Keep up the hard work and if i dont see you sooner, hopefully i'll see you again at CTN in November this year! Until then, see you in the bloggin world!!
Thanks for the fantastic support!!
BIg hugs,

"TORI CAT" said...

L Dog
Yo Yo!!
Sorry i haven't been in touch sooner. You know how it is!! Hope all is going well on your side. I'll email you as soon as i get a spare 5 mins!!
Thanks for the kind comment.
All the best for an exciting 2012 for you too!! :D

"TORI CAT" said...

Hi Jo!!
What a nice comment!! So great to have a new faithful follower!! Welcome to my blog!! :D
I'll try not to abandon my poor blog for so long this year and try to post more regularly!
You have great work!! Your Character designs are really fun, and your painting skills are amazing!! You use great colours and your understanding of tone and light is awesome!! Really great work!!
Thanks for getting in touch!!
I'll make sure to swing by your site in the future!
Keep up the great work!!

"TORI CAT" said...

Hey Gillian-imation!!!
Thanks for dropping by!!
Its nice to be back!!.... lets just hope i dont leave it too long until i post again!!! Your constant bloggin' puts me to shame!!!
Sorry i couldn't make it on Saturday to the skecth-crawl, I'll be working back in London in Feb, so if your about, we'll have to go sketching!! :D
Hope your keeping well :D

"TORI CAT" said...

HEY Jamie!!!

Thanks for the great comment and your support!!
Shame you couldn't make it to CTN, but alas, no worries... There is always this year!! :D
Let me know sooner to the time if you can make it, and i'll make sure to keep an eye open for ya!

I have had a booth at CTN for the last 2 years, and each year the talent at the show keeps on getting better and better. The amount of portfolios i review and am blown away by the quality of the work is incredible!! Its a fantastic place for animators from all over the world to get together and share stories and art.
I hope to have more on show this year than what i ever have done before. I'm making it my goal this year to start work early and have a wide range of new prints, magnets, glass coasters, hopefully T-shirts, and fingers crossed- Book no2!!!! :D

SO, if i haven't posted for a while, you can probably guess what i am up too ;)
i want to keep stuff kinda secret in prep for CTN, so i have lots of fresh stuff to show exclusively at the show... :P

Thanks again for the support and keep up amazing work!! i am a huge fan of your stuff!! :D
All the best!!

Mark Tompkins said...

great sketches Tori, all the best for 2012 for you! See you when you are back in London!

Beth Witchalls said...

Hey Tori

I really like the softness in your cat drawings. Im pretty excited to see Frankenweenie when it is released, hopefully I will get to a screening over here.
I sent you an email the other day, but I dont know if I used the right address, will catch up with you soon.

Jo said...

Thnx so much for the feedback :D
And taking the time for dropping by my blog ^^

I hope to see much more awesome art here! but I have no doubt that there will be :D

Mauricio said...

Hey Tori,
Hey, you know my friend Jackie! Cool! Thank you for your kind words, and for getting in touch because I really enjoyed viewing your work and your blog as well. I really like your recent sketchbook drawings and your vis dev work is splendid to say the least. Best wishes on your first personal book and I'll look forward to staying in touch in the future.

tiffannysketchbook said...

Hello! Your blog is freakin' amazing. I love your style!!!!!!!!! Your animal drawings can beat up my animal drawings. :)

elji said...

Woah! I love your art, you're a great artist :)

stace_face said...

the animal drawings are super sweet!!! every time i see your blog it just makes me more and more proud of you just wish i could do the same but the last year has truly kicked the art outa me :( think i need a tori kick up the ass lol... but seriously if your free any time soon for a giggle and a sketch i would be sooo up for that! i know i havent been around in a long time but i so miss the cat! love u mushroom

stace xxxxxxx

Sjan Weijers said...

niiiiice... I love cats too :)
the sketches look really great Looking forward to see more!

Francisco said...

Your work is simply stunning! you're really, really talented. Congratulations! from Argentina

Arthur Mirzoyan said...

Great works!!

maruthi said...

Wow simply awesome! You have great work! I especially like your paintings from Hudeman Slough, Sonoma Ca.

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