Sunday, 15 September 2013

A little BIG announcement...

Hey, Folks!

This is a little/BIG announcement to fill you all in on some very exciting events coming up in Tori Cat's  Art Schedule...

First of all, I am incredibly flattered and honoured to announce that i have been invited to join the "Masters of Anatomy". This is an amazing book which is currently being put to together by the great 'Sunny Mann'. A one-of-a-kind collection of artistic anatomy bringing the work together of over 70+ artists from all over the world, including the wonderful "Florian Satzinger"; The incredible "Francisco Herrera"; The inspirational "Pascal Campion", and amazing my pal,  "Kenneth Anderson" as well as many more jaw dropping (actually scrap the jaw comment- Since my 'jaw replacement' my jaw doesn't move)- say "Phenomenal" talents from the animation, film, comic book, video game and illustration industry.
I am really looking forward to getting started and working along side fellow artists i have admired for years.
Check out the website- "" to find out more about this amazing project and to see the full list of artists taking part.
I will be sure to update again once the project goes live. 

In other news, I will be returning agin to California in November for CTNx. This will be my 4th year exhibiting at this expo and I love it there. If your coming to the show, please drop by and say hello. I'll be in the same place i was last year (T-40) and like always, i will be next door to my good friend and college "Craig Elliott." :)

I have a lot of exciting things to reveal at the show, but i am keeping it all a secret for now. I plan to "let the cat out of the bag" closer to the time, but until then you will have to just wait and see. ;)
Below is my contribution to this year's programme. This year Tina Price has organised a 'Sketchbook' theme and it was asked that every artist made their advertisement black and white. I have left a small space for me to sign it, so if anyone coming to the show would like me to personalise their souvenir programme, come and find me and i'll give it a scribble. :D

 Even if you don't want me to scribble in your book, Make sure you drop by and say hi. (I have candy!!) ;) hee hee!!! I look forward to seeing all my old friends and of course making new ones. I have been so lucky as each year the show tends to fall on my Birthday, and what a way to spend it. So please make sure to drop by and join me in the fun and celebrations.
Last year i lost my voice on the 1st day, so i spent much of the time having conversations with people in a "Pictionary" fashion. haha- I will have my hairy boys helping me out so it's bound to be fun!

And for now, one last thing...
 As you may know, i have spent the last year art directing on "Broken Sword 5- The Serpent's Curse". I have been in charge of the hand drawn layouts and backgrounds for the latest game by 'Revolution Software'. As the game is getting close to completion, i will be leaving soon, so i wanted to wish the team all the very best in the final stages of getting the game made. 
An Alpha version of the game was taken to GamesCon last month, and so far it has been really well received. I want to take this opportunity to thank my small team of talented artists who like me, have been working round the clock to get the backgrounds drawn and painted to the incredibly high & detailed standard set by myself and director 'Charles Cecil'. They are doing an amazing job, and i cant thank them enough for all their hard work. I would like to say an extra special thank you to the incredible "Miki Montlló" for all of his hard work and help. This guy is a genius and his hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. Check out his work, you will not be disappointed. Also another special thanks goes out to my good friend,"Lee Taylor" (A.K.A "River Rat). This man is a VERY talented guy!!

Above is another finished background from our talented team. It was briefly shown in the Alpha trailer at GamesCon last month. I can't say anything about it yet, and sadly can not show more, but enjoy... and hopefully i will be able to share more with you in posts to come. 

So like always, I have a very busy schedule with some very exciting things coming up in the not so distant future. I will try my best to post again soon, as and when time is on my side.
Like always a huge thank you for all the continuous support and love from all my followers and every one who visits my blog and gets in touch.
I am always so grateful for all the feedback i receive and can not thank you all enough.
As and when i have that thing called "time" I want to give this dusty old blog a make over and create a Face Book page for Tori Cat. I also plan to update a lot more frequently than i do and share alot more of my work and daily scribbles.

Ok, back to the drawing board- There's no rest for the wicked!! ;)

Thanks again and much love as always!


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