Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Good Luck Simba!!! - UPDATED

A little gift I have made for the loveable gentle giant, "Simba the Leonberger".
Any one who knows me,  knows I am a sucker for big floofy beasts- the bigger the beastie- the bigger the love and cuddles that oozes out of me.
Simba has melted my heart and now my wallet- Me and my fiancé are now waiting for the stalk to deliver us our own little bundle of Leonberger fluff!
To be fair- "Leonberger" is translated as a "Lion-Dog"- Now could there really be a better dog more suited to me than this...?!! 
Thank you Simba!! We love you!


My pal Dan, pictured with Simba (above right- Photo by Jeff Morris for the Daily Mail) sent me this awesome snap of the fluffer himself, with the picture I drew him a few weeks ago!! I was so happy when this dropped in my inbox, that i had to share :) Thanks so much Dan and Simba. :)
Since Simba went on to win TDM, he has gone on to become a super star in the Canine world, including rubbing more than just shoulders with Jonathan Ross- check out the video ;)
For any Doggie people out there, who might be interested in their very own "Doggie Doodle" watch this space.... I have some exciting news that includes collaborating with Dan, Simba and a sketch book!

Also, on a side note- I will be in California exhibiting at CTN from the 16-18th November. (as well as celebrating my birthday which falls during the festival), so if you are coming to the show, please drop by my booth and say "Hi". (Table T40). I will be selling and signing copies of my book "Scribble-Tor", as well as taking commissions, doing portfolio reviews and will have a new range of goodies for sale- all in time for Christmas stocking fillers ;)

Thanks again for all the love and comments like always!
Dont forget to check out Simba's Face Book Page



Shuzanne said...

As a fellow sucker for huge fluffy dogs, i couldnt be more jealous! Lovely sketch, hope to see a photo of the new doggy =)

Broken Sword - A Fan Blog said...

Cute, fluffy and a little dorky... I just wanna pet his belly! :D

Jampix said...

Lovely! :)

Jampix said...

Lovely! :)

Jampix said...