Wednesday, 2 March 2011

"Drawing Inspiration"- FINISHED and "Tori Bird"!!

Its Finally here.... the long awaited and much anticipated "Drawing inspiration"!!
A Massive Congratulations especially to Tim and Wes, and of course all of "Team Wino"!
I worked on the pre-production of the short nearly a year ago now. I was responsible for the background / concept / colour designs. It was a great honor to be included in its making and I am very happy to see how well it is already being received. In just a few short days, live on the net the film has made it onto the front pages of Vimeo and Catsuka.
Thank you for letting me be a part of it's creation and all the best for its future success!! :D
For all the juicy 'Behind the Scenes' and 'Making Of' check out the Production Blog. You will also be able to se some of the design work i did on there too!
Congratulations again to all the team!! The hard work has all been worth it!!

And... for something a little different.... Here is a commission from my really good friend Uli Meyer. "Tori Bird". Even with a broken beak, i think he has still made me look glamours with a little bit of red lippy!! Thank you Uli, it's Perfect!! :D
To see "Tori-Birds" brothers and sisters click "Casting the Birds".
Bye for now,
love Tori-Bird, Sorry i mean 'Cat' - Tori Cat!x


N.Hall said...

Holy cow I loved that short! Beautiful work here thanks so much for commenting!

I'm definitely following your work now as well :)

Mauricio said...

Wow, cool film! Congratulations!

Kat said...

Really nice film and story, your backgrounds are pretty inspirational :)


Fantastic work.... All around..


libra bear said...

Hey Tori, hope your well. Thanks for your help and thanks for spreading the word. :)