Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Scribbled Expressions...

I have recently been scribbling some different expressions for "Banjo Raccoon", to practice how far i can, and should stretch his character. He doesn't talk, so i need to clearly reflect his mood in his actions and expressions.


Anonymous said...




GhettoFab said...

an amazing character sheet! Love the range you have

You have a great amount of inspiration on your blog and I definately will spend lots of time here parusing!

Thanks for the link ( righty back atcha )and kind words ( undeserved ) and glad to make you aquaintence ( digitally :)

see ya around!

tinylittlesandra said...

Hey Tori, great to meet you... albeit in a virtual sense. Ya know, I dropped by your blog, soooo many times, though I dont think I ever left a message. But its cool that you happend upon mine.
It is great to meet women in the business, theres not enough of us :O)

Love your work, and this post is no exception. I'll stay posted - See ya online

OV! said...

your work and film is very NICE! wow, quite an accomplished artist you are at age 23.
your film is very moving, thanks for sharing. very nice work!

nice expressions you have here.


Goldenrod Fox said...

Love these!!