Friday, 31 July 2009

Happy Wedding Day

One of my best friends is getting married tomorrow. Im too poor to buy her a present, so i'm hoping she'll appreciate a framed scribble i have made of the happy couple. Congratulations Danni and Andy!! xxx


Adam Ford said...

Beautiful environments! Loving the colors and subtlety.

stace_face said...

haya mushroom!

beautifull work as usual miss magraw! damn it i thought you where in working with uli the ledge meyer? what you up to scotland my lovey? i'm trying to get work regulary so i have enough money to come see you. miss ya loads man, this art malarki is pretty lonesome, i'd be happy just being a sudio assistant if it ment i got to talk to peopleon a regular basis, lol! xxxxxxxx cheers for the comment too... it makes me feel loved!

Florencia Bini said...

thank you for your kind words, it's a pleasure coming from you!!!
I'd never seen your work and now I think I'm a fan of yours, incredible illustrations, love the "Banjo Raccoon" and your dog's drawing...
... everything is amazing!!!
saludos :)

Lucho said...

You are a genius.

And a monster.

Juanma said...

Your stuff is swell.

I like the animals a lot

Ivan Oviedo said...


Comgrats for your work, is brilhant!!!

Lubomir said...

Tori thanks a lot for the huge praise! I looked through your stuff and am very impressed by your locations especially. This is excellent as well. Stay well :)

JoR said...

So here you are! I spent lot of time watching some of your stuff at Uli... And you worked on Favelados as well uh¿? Great, I heared a lot good thinks of it !
Nice to meet you Miss Tori. I was on Planet 51 animating,and I'm glad you like it! will see how's going the release.
Currently I'm not working at Uli's anymore, we already finished all the Domesto's work , so actually I'm in the terrible process of look for a job!
:P You have a great stuff here... really amazing.
Hope to see you again, bye!